barkbath portable dog washer


Do you dread bathing your pets? The time involved, the mess and clean up, bending and stooping over a tub or sink, lifting them in and out of it? Well, over the last few years a number of great ideas have emerged for taking care of the problem, like dedicated dog-washing stations and products that attach to ordinary hoses you can use in the backyard to avoid all the mopping that comes with bathing them indoors. Now, a long-standing maker of cleaning products has designed the BarkBath for a “bath without the splash.”


As it’s described, giving Fido a bath — or any furry pet, for that matter — just got easier indoors or out with this clever device by Bissell. Based on carpet cleaning products they’ve offered for decades, the concept isn’t exactly new. It’s just been reimagined for dogs. Not that you couldn’t use it on cats or other animals of a certain size, but the manufacturer of countless shampooers has designed the portable BarkBath with your dog in mind. Now, you can take a seat at their level and shampoo, rinse and remove the water in one fell swoop.

Dog Baths

According to the makers, BarkBath has been created in an effort to save pet owners time and money, freeing them from expensive grooming appointments with a product intended to deliver the same results. The hose with nozzle attachment allows you to clean your pet clear down to the skin while providing a gentle massage. The lack of water spraying everywhere or the sound of it thundering into the tub can be less stressful for pets, plus there’s no slipping and sliding that can bring on added anxiety in them.

Manufacturers of Pet Products

Bissell has a division called Pet Inspired containing an array of pet grooming products, including shampoos to use with the BarkBath, nail trimmers, shedding combs, and drying towels that purport to dry your pet more thoroughly in half the time. In this line they also carry a grooming tool that attaches to their portable carpet cleaners, cleverly turning one household cleaning tool into a multipurpose item for customer ease and convenience.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out their innovative time- and money-saving portable pet washer in the video accompanying this post. If you own one of these or know someone who does, we’d love to know your/their thoughts on the product. Tell us in the comment section below.


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