You've heard of horse whisperers, cat whisperers, dog whisperers, and, well, just about any kind of animal whisperer you could think of  What about a "bark whisperer?" Okay. Not at all in the same vein at all. This amazing Shiba Inu in Japan knows how to whisper his bark at his human mom's request. It is so adorable that you won't believe your ears.

The Bark Whisperer
The Bark Whisperer

While cats may think differently, dogs can be incredibly intelligent. This Shiba shows his or her stuff by understanding not only the request, but different levels of the same request. The dog is amply awarded with laughter and appreciation  Shiba's are known to be quite intelligent.

Shiba's are a spitz breed of dog. This type of dog is characterized by long, thick fur, pointed ears and muzzles, and tails that curl up over their backs or droops. The name Shiba Inu means "brushwood dog" in Japanse.They look similar to the Akita and Hokaido but has its own separate bloodline. Evidence of the Shiba can be found going back to 300 B.C.

For all of this particular Shiba's willingness to play along with this particular trick, this type of dog has a very independent nature. While the dog is generally considered gentle it can show signs of aggression since it was originally bred to be a hunting dog.

As with all dogs, before you adopt a particular breed please make sure that the temperament and requirements of the dog fit into your lifestyle. You don't want a highly active dog if you lead a more sedentary life, and vice versa. And, if you can, teach your dog to whisper.

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