bark collars for dogs
New bark collars are more streamlined than older versions


Almost every neighborhood has one: a dog that will not stop barking. This can be extremely stressful and annoying, even or especially if it's your own dog. There are some measures you can take early on in their life to modify this unappealing habit, but training needs to be done early. Now, there are some fairly effective bark control collars that don't shock your dog into submission you can try.

Barking Deterrents

Shock collars as deterrents to barking have been around for a long time, but most of us don't feel comfortable zapping our pets in an effort to get them to stop. Barking is a natural way of sounding the alarm, and as dog owners we want to know if something's going on that needs our attention. It's the reason a lot of people get dogs, as a sentry or guard for their homes.

Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars

PetSafe, a manufacturer of pet products, has come out with a few alternatives to the old fashioned shock collars that you might find as an acceptable alternative for addressing the problem of incessant barking. One of them uses ultrasonic sound that is said to quiet not only your dog, but dogs within range of the high-pitched noise. They're recommended for small or sensitive dogs.

Vibrating Bark Control Collars

A variation on the theme, vibrating collars startle your dog, disrupting the pattern of unwanted behavior. They're recommended for sensitive pets and dogs that are deaf that might not be able to hear high-pitched ultrasonic sounds any longer.

Spray Bark Control Collars

Here's a collar with a twist: it actually sprays a quick burst of citronella, again startling your pet and reinforcing the idea that what he or she is doing is not welcome behavior. Like the vibrating collars, spray collars are recommended for sensitive dogs.

Static Bark Control Collars

Static collars are the modern version of the shock collar, but they've purportedly been refined to deliver more of a static pulse than an out and out shock. PetSafe describes the effect as a light tingling sensation on their skin that gets their attention or interrupts their behavior. These are recommended for stubborn dogs that persistently ignore all other means of correction.

Collarless Bark Control Devices

If the whole idea of a collar to correct behavior is still a turnoff to you, there are collarless devices by PetSafe as well for indoor or outdoor use. Battery operated, they use the same high-pitched frequency method as the ultrasonic collars. The outdoor models are shaped like cute little birdhouses, so they're unobtrusive to the eye.

Do you know of an effective alternative to products like these for deterring barking? If so, please share your solution in the comment section below.


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