The Bali Safari Park zoo has named it's newborn giraffe "Corona", presumably because giraffes have long necks and COVID-19 is a respiratory virus.

Bali Zoo Names Newborn Giraffe 'Corona'

Corona has previously graced the nameplates of a car and a beer – don't drink Corona while driving a Corona, btw – but a new baby giraffe at the Bali Safari Park has also laid claim to the dubious moniker. Don't blame mama Sophie or papa Matadi; this one's on the honorable Ibu Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Indonesia's Minister of Environment and Forestry, who justified the odd name “as a reminder that miracles are still possible even in these challenging times during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Corona was born on April 9 of 2020 after her mom endured a pregnancy lasting just under 15 months. Although the zoo has been closed since March 23, staff, keepers and veterinarians have continued to work on-site to care for resident creatures including tigers, lions, hippos, elephants and rhinos.          

Bali Zoo Names Newborn Giraffe 'Corona'

Corona entered the world a mere two hours after Sophie went into labor. “Upon birth, the mother has been observed to lick her baby, Corona,” stated Doctor Yohana Kusumaningtyas, the on-site vet for Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) Group, “a positive sign that the mother has accepted and nurtured her newborn baby.”

Corona is expected to nurse for about four months before taking her place in the park's small herd of 2 male and (now) 3 female giraffes. People won't be able to see Corona up close & personal for a while due to Indonesia's ongoing pandemic response but for now, we encourage giraffe fans to crack open a cold frosty one (you know what brand!) in her honor.