Dogs have dominated the warning sign universe for far too long; now it's time for cats to get due respect. These 10 “Beware of Cat” signs spell out what experienced cat-owners, shell-shocked door-to-door salesmen and well-meaning macho mutts know all too well: mess with the cat, you get the claws!  

Beware of Cat




10) Stop In for a Bite

Beware of Cat sign 1

Punctuation, people! And by "people" we mean sign-making people who should surely have at least one comma in stock at all times. In any case, the presumed Biting Cat can't be that much of a deterrent, which explains the security alarm sticker right beside the sign. (Beware of Cat sign image via My Favorite Pet Sitter)



9) Trust Issues

Beware of Cat sign 2
What can we say here but... maybe it's time to get some new, more -trustworthy, pets? One can only imagine what goes on in that house when the owner's away, and we're imagining a live-action Itchy & Scratchy show. (Beware of Cat sign image via Map of the Urban Linguistic Landscape)



8) Crazy Talk

Beware of Cat 3

Should we beware of the supposed "psycho cat" lurking just beyond this brick wall? Because maybe, just maybe, there should be some sort of advisory when entering the realm of a criminally insane feline. Ahh, those French, so subtle and- what's that? The sign's located in Belton-in-Rutland, UK? Never mind then... and watch out for the cat. (Beware of Cat sign image via Graham Horn/Geograph)



7) Beware of Kitler

Beware of Cat sign 4

This sign might read "Beware of Dog" but the danger is much, much more serious. Obviously, the small black & white cat has eaten the dog and now rules the yard with an iron fist, er, paw. Seems far-fetched? Take a close look at that cat...  (Beware of Cat sign image via Anita Dalton)



6) Dirty Hairy Cat Lady Lives Here

Beware of Cat sign 5

I know what you're thinking. “Does she have six cats or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Manx, the most powerful attack cat in the world, and would gnaw your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? (Beware of Cat sign image via David Davila Vilanova)



5) Patrol Violation

Beware of Cat sign 6

Yes Virginia (or Harry), there IS a Hogwarts... and it's in Sedlescombe, East Sussex, UK being protected by a patrol car... er, patrol CAT. Not really sure that sign will be all that effective, mind you: while outdoor cats are frequently "on patrol", the raised tail signalling friendliness means there's no reason to beware. (Beware of Cat sign image via Patrick Roper/Geograph)



4) Attenti Al Gatto

Beware of Cat sign 8

Here's a “Beware of Cat” sign in Italian... or perhaps, a warning to pay attention to Al Gatto or else you might find yourself sleeping with the catfishes tonight. Is it worth finding out which one it is? No, compadre, it is not. Don't knock, don't leave any literature, just quickly & quietly leave - and count yourself lucky Signore Gatto didn't make you an offer you couldn't refuse. (Beware of Cat sign image via OliBac)



3) Giving You the Slipper

Beware of Cat sign 7

To tell the truth, the so-called "fearsome beast" in the image above worries us less than the warning sign doormat... hey, that thing could shirt and cause one to take a nasty spill on the tile flooring. All kitty-ing aside, this is less a "Beware of Cat" situation than a "Beware of Crocs" issue, if you know what we mean, and we think you do. (Beware of Cat sign image via Sarah)



2) Senior Catizens

Beware of cats sign 9

If your "Beware of Cats" sign reads "Caution: Elderly Cats Have Use of Outside", then we must be in England... Bulkington, Wiltshire, UK to be exact. Charming British understatement aside, this sign seems more "Be Aware of Cats" and not "Beware". That said, ever had an English Shorthair cat take a disliking to you? Yeah, be aware AND beware. (Beware of Cat sign image via Maurice Pullin/Geograph)



1) Read the Cat, Not the Sign

Beware of Cat sign 10

So what if you can't read Turkish, the message is being broadcast loud and clear. We hope the cameraman managed to escape with his life (and throat) intact after capturing this amazing image. Or, if not, a tip 'o the hat to whomever found his camera alongside his mortal remains. (Beware of Cat sign image via orientalizing)


Beware of Cat

Mock the concept of “Beware of Cat” signs if you like, but be aware that cats can be fiercely territorial creatures who are naturally equipped to defend what's theirs. Ever wonder where the expression “cat got your tongue” came from? Obey the signs and you'll never need to know. (Beware of Cat sign images via FT/Pexels (top) and CAJC: in the PNW)

If you are looking for your own beware of cat sign, Amazon has a collection of funny ones here.

*** UPDATED on December 29th, 2018 ***

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