The Solar-Powered Frightened Grasshopper is actually a do-it-yourself
kit that allows you to build your very own solar-powered robot. It can
be fun for you or a great science project for your kids.

Solar-Powered Frightened GrasshopperSolar-Powered Frightened Grasshopper

The kit does not require any previous experience or skill to be able to complete the cute little insect. There is nothing in the product description that explains why the grasshopper is "frightened," but a quick check of YouTube answered that question. When the light hits the solar cell (direct sunlight is best) the little guy starts dancing around like he's trying to avoid something. 

This is a great idea for home-schooled kids or kids working on a science project for school. It teaches how solar energy is transferred into electrical power.  For a lesson in science and engineering it is certainly a lot of fun!

To order your own Solar-Powered Frightened Grasshopper, click here.

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