For all you great deal hunters, there's some great deals for your dogs, cats and other pets on Amazon this shopping season. To see all Black Friday and Holiday Deals for cats, dogs and other pets at Amazon. Here are some of the best pet deal  highlights:

Pet Drinking FountainPet Drinking Fountain

Hills Science has a buy 2 Treats, Get 1 Free deal. You can read about Hills Science deal here. There is an additional 15% off food. I already wrote about Hills Science deal here. With the various opportunities to stack coupons on top of already great deals, you can save a serrious amount of money on Hills Science right now.

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat ClimberSmartCat Multi-Level Cat ClimberPioneer Pet also has a $10 off of $60 purchase. You can see all the Pioneer Pet deals here (just look for details on the Best Value discount.)   With the current sales going on for some Pioneer Pet products, there are some great deals available. 

For example, there is a great deal on the Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountain Big Max. It has good reviews and is a great deal at $44.42 (off of the original $79.99). You add a few  replacement filters  that are currently on sale and/or the cleaning kit and you easily get to $60 for the $10 off to make it a great deal. Sign up for Subscribe and Save as mentioned below and then you get an additional 15% off making this an awesome deal.

Smartcat has $10 off of any $60 purchase. You can see all the Smartcat deals here. There are some great deals here when you take something like the SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber (which is currently more than 40% off  at $47.25) and then combine it with a fun SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Pet Toy Box to get an additional $10 off.

Merrick Food and Treats has $5 off of $25. You can see all their deals here. 

I've only highlighted a few items, Please click to see all Black Friday and Holiday Deals for cats, dogs and other pets at Amazon.

To make these deals better, if you sign up for Subscribe and Save with your Mastercard, you can save an additional 15%. (You can cancel Subscribe and Save at any time). Just  use your MasterCard® card and enter code MSTRCRD1 at checkout to receive 15% off your first shipment of new Subscribe & Save purchases.

To see all the amazing deals going on for Black Friday and all the days leading to it and after it, go check out  Amazon's Black Friday deals. 

In my rush to get this information out to you, I may have missed some details or great deals. Please share your great finds and suggestions for making this Black Friday shopping season a great one for pet owners.

Update: See Cyber Monday, Cyber Pet Truesday and  and Cyber Week Deals from Amazon.

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