Combining fine craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, the Magic
Globe Aquarium
is one of the most elegant and innovative products in
the aquatic world. This beautiful, LED-illuminated, globe-style aquarium/
waterfall fountain sits on top of of a hand-painted ceramic vase (which comes in several styles) and is
designed to allow for easy aquarium maintenance.


Magic Globe Aquarium with Koi Goldfish BaseMagic Globe Aquarium with Koi Goldfish Base


The Magic Globe Aquarium's state-of-the-art, patented "water vacuum technology" design enables the globe to be top sealed and completely filled with water. A gorgeous waterfall running from the side opening sends the aquarium water through a self-contained filtration system that cleans and aerates the water before sending it back into the globe. Aquarium maintenance doesn't get any easier than this! The Magic Globe Aquarium comes with an instructional DVD and a complete starter kit. You just need to add water and fish!


Magic Globe Aquarium starter kitMagic Globe Aquarium starter kit


This combination of effective technical design and attention to aesthetic detail has garnered the Magic Globe Aquarium  many top industry honors and awards, including Pet Business Magazine's 2010 Product of the Year Award multiple New Product Showcase awards at the Global Pet Expo.



The Magic Globe Aquarium is easy to maintain and makes a great conversation piece for the home or office. As an aquarium, a waterfall fountain, and an illuminated nightlight, it contributes to great ambience at all hours.This stunning multi-functional product is available from Amazon for around $125. Order yours today!



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