Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, there's a gorgeous, handmade Dog Poncho that will look absolutely smashing on him or her this winter;  yes, there are boy Dog Ponchos and girl Dog Ponchos.


Dog Ponchos by Baja Ponchos

Dog Ponchos by Baja Ponchos


The Dog Poncho, made by Baja Ponchos, is a five-star product on Amazon. The Ponchos are hand cut from serapes, which are themselves made in southern Mexico in the smallest Mexican state, Tlazkala. (Serapes are long, wide stoles, or wraps, worn by native Mexican Indians.)

Each Dog Poncho is different; it may have a different pattern, and/or its colors are different, or the colors appear in different order. That makes every Dog Poncho a one-of-a-kind! Additionally, you can order your Dog Poncho for a male or female dog, and Baja Ponchos will try to choose a Poncho that has more blue in it or more pink!


Dog Poncho by Baja Ponchos

Dog Ponchos by Baja Ponchos



Customers are really pleased with the way the Ponchos fit - they are not wide and floppy like a human poncho, but are snug around the neck and tummy, where wide Velcro wrapping is part of the Poncho design.  They look better when they're snug and they are lined so they keep your dog nice and warm. The Ponchos can even be used to calm your dog, like Thunder-Shirts, if you make the Poncho a bit more snug for them.


Dog Poncho by Baja Ponchos

Dog Ponchos by Baja Ponchos


Here's a size chart so you can be sure to get the measurements of your dog's Poncho just right.


Baja Ponchos For Dogs Size Chart


There are more smashing dogs modeling the Dog Poncho on Amazon.com, and many dog parents have sent in photos of their dogs wearing the Ponchos too, so check through them to see how great they look and the nice things customers have to report about them.

Oops! Almost forgot. You can also buy your pup a matching Baja Poncho Sombrero!


Dog Poncho & Sombrero


That's the buzz for today!

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