This summer there is a Giant Inflatable Flamingo on the loose in your
favorite pool. Not to worry though, you are just the one to tame it and
ride it all over the deep end!

Giant Inflatable FlamingoGiant Inflatable Flamingo

This giant inflatable toy is 80 inches long. This means it isn't just for the kiddies. It is great for lounging on in the pool and you could even take up water jousting with two of them. For adults it is just like being a kid again and getting to experience those simple joys of life. Not only that, pink flamingos are the ultimate in you can pretend to be the tackiest people in the trailer park. Actually think of what a great addition it would be to your tropical themed pool party!

To order your own Giant Inflatable Flamingo, click here.

Giant Inflatable FlamingoGiant Inflatable Flamingo

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