An oblivious beach-goer brought home a VERY unwelcome stowaway from her outing at Australia's Coogee Beach.

Girl Accidentally Brings Home Deadly Blue-Ringed Octopus

Visit Coogee Beach in beautiful Western Australia, they said. It'll be fun, they said. You'll bring home a deadly octopus, they did NOT say... yet all three of these advisories turned out to be true for a young girl on vacation.

The Coogee Beach WA Surf Life Saving Club posted the oblivious young miss's story – plus photos of the cute but deadly critter – to their Facebook account but that post has since been deleted. Why? You'd think a “Life Saving Club” would want to save lives and all. Perhaps they were leaned on by the local authorities, folks like that sleazy mayor of Amity Island in the movie Jaws. In any case, many major and minor news outlets picked up the story before the post was deleted, so there!

Coogee Beach, NSW

Coogee Beach can be found south of Perth, WA, and the stretch of golden sand has become a mecca for sunbathers from across OZ and even beyond. The cool waters of the Indian Ocean harbor an abundance of sea life but let's not forget: this is Australia! One of those gorgeous ocean denizens is the Blue-Ringed Octopus, one of the world's most venomous creatures.

These small cephalopods are known to hide in cast-off sea shells. One such “occupied” shell was collected by a girl who visited Coogee Beach with her family. When they returned home, her aunt began rinsing out her niece's seashells and... suddenly, octopus! No harm befell the girl, her aunt, or the critter... this time, at least. One hopes the girl enjoys her haul of colorful seashells, now that they've been octo-proofed. (via, Coogee Beach image via Phillip Capper)