Successful adults had pets as kids



A new survey of 'C-Suite' executives suggests that having a pet as a child was a large contributor to their success. Did you ever consider that?

Me either, but now that I've read the study, it makes sense. Parents get pets for their kids as companions, but also to learn responsibility. Kids learn the needs of their pets as well as how and when to fulfill them.

Banfield Pet Hospital, which operates more than 1,000 veterinary hospitals across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, partnered with Kelton Research, a research service for Fortune 500 companies, performed a survey targeting "C-Suite" executives - "C" for those with "Chief" in their titles, such as "Chief Executive Officer" or "Chief Finance Officer."


Banfield Infographic, Part 2


Participants in the survey were 857 executives and the results of the survey were definitely measurable, which you will see in some of the results:

Ninety-three percent of the executives surveyed had a childhood pet. While the majority of respondents had dogs when they were kids (83 percent), more than half (59 percent) had a cat, and many (37 percent) grew up with pet birds, rabbits, or rodents. Many execs had multiple pets as children.


​  Banfield Infographic, Part 2


Respondents attributed at least some of their success to their pets!

  • 92 percent reported that their pets helped them develop discipline.
  • 79 percent reported that their pets helped them develop organizational skills, and
  • 38 percent said they developed the ability to anticipate business needs from taking care of their pets when they were young.


Banfield Infographic, Part 1


Other skills reported to have been learned as children taking care of their pets are creativity, management, and leadership. What made me smile was that these participants reported that as children, they got new ideas while walking their dogs. I remember that too. Respondents also indicated that their pets taught them how to be more empathetic to others' needs, a definite plus in a leader.

You can read the entire report of the survey here, but in the meantime, get your kids some pets!


(The above graphics were taken from one infographic called Unleashing Success, by Banfield Pet Hospital, which could not be replicated in its entirety here.)


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