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If you're planning on getting a dog and are wondering what kind of dog you should get, there are plenty of websites to help you find the breed that will match your personality and your lifestyle. But the more of their quizzes you take, the more confused you will get.


My Own Choice Of Dog

I love all dogs and, given the opportunity and the resources, I would be a foster mom to as many dogs as I could. But as for my personal choice, as my own companion dog, I've long been a terrier person. I love their energy, the way they grow old while keeping their puppy spirit; I even think their stubborn streaks are kind of fun. (I wouldn't find it so much fun in a mate, so I don't honestly don't know why it attracts me in a dog.)

Years ago I had a Silky Terrier who, unfortunately, became blind after cataract surgery, and I wanted to get him a companion dog who could keep him on his toes even though he'd lost his precious sight. After doing a great deal of research, I decided on a Welsh Terrier, a dog with the reputation of being able to get along with other dogs and the reputation of being a bit less feisty than most terriers.


Welsh Terrier


Though I never even saw a Welsh Terrier before I got my first one, on a day at the dog park, my Welshie and I met two other Welshies, one who turned out to be my dog's half brother! I became friends with the owners of the other Welshies, and since then, between us, we've owned two generations of a total of five Welshies who have been playmates. I delight in their play and love all their distinct, yet Welshie, personalities. I know I am very compatible with terriers, especially Welsh Terriers.


Does A Dog-Matching Quiz Help To Match A Prospective Owner To A Breed Of Dog?


Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme


But recently, while researching another blog topic, I bumped into a quiz for persons looking to make a match with 'the right breed of dog' for their personalities. I took the quiz on Vetstreet just to see what breed would turn out to be my most compatible - according to the quiz. On Vetstreet my best match was... any one of several breeds of spaniel!

What questions did they ask that brought out my spaniel tendencies?

I decided to check out another compatibility breed quiz.  I took the Playbuzz quiz.  Best dog for me? A Labrador or a Golden Retriever! Hmm.

Animal Planet has a dog breed questionnaire. I scored a Spitz, a Water Spaniel, and a German Pinscher as my top three most compatible dogs.

Then I went to Dogtime.com, took the dog-match quiz, and the top dog for me was a Cockapoo plus four close runner-ups, two of which were terriers - no Welsh Terrier, but that showed progress.

By this time, I was giggling at the impossibility of the quizzes. Everything depended on what questions were asked.


How To Have More Fun Taking Compatibility Quizzes

Take the Buzzfeed quizzes.

While I did my search, I saw that Buzzfeed had some dog compatibility quizzes too.  I took four of the quizzes and never laughed so hard, because all of them mock the dog compatibiilty quizzes that attempt to be serious, like this one:


Buzzfeed quiz


"We Know What Kind Of Dog You Have Based On Your Food Preferences" reads this Buzzfeed questionnaire. Of course, it's a spoof, but in this quiz, each question asks you to choose a food you don't like from various offerings. The results of my answers: I was matched with a Bull Dog.

Who knows what I answered wrong?

Another Buzzfeed questionnaire claimed it would reveal "What Kind Of Dog You Are." I am a Great Dane, according to Buzzfeed, but according to Quizzony.com, if I were a dog I'd be a Poodle

Then there's the Buzzfeed questionnaire that gets to the heart of things: "Drink Some Booze And We'll Guess What Kind Of Dogs You're Into."  Okay, now for sure I'll find something close to a Welsh Terrier! No, that one says I'm into shepherds and collies!


How To Find The Best Dog For You


Your Perfect Dog

Your Perfect Dog


The problem with questionnaires is that they all ask different questions and they don't necessarily ask the right questions for you. Truthfully, it would take a very long questionnaire to pin down a good dog for you and the answer would probably be very generic, like some of the results above.

If you want to get a full-bred dog, you need to study the breeds themselves. You probably have some idea of dogs that appeal to you, even if it's just a physical appeal. Look up the characteristics and personality of that breed - of several breeds until you find what a few that you think you might like. Then visit the specific dog breed websites and join chat rooms so you can learn more about them.

If you're adopting a dog and it's a full breed dog, research the breed as well as ask about the dog's past - his living conditions, his health, behavior problems, etc. Adopted dogs will have different personalities, most likely, than puppies, because they've been shaped by their environments.

Finally, if you are planning to adopt a mixed breed dog, and you're not particularly concerned about the breeds themselves, I do suggest you use this particular questionnaire to find a good emotional match for you. It's called PawsLikeMe Pet MatchIts quiz tries to match you with adoptable dogs in your city or area that meet your specific criteria.  At the end of the quiz you are introduced by photo to several adoptable dogs that are the closest matches to your needs and close enough for you to visit in person.

After that, it's all chemistry.




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