Oh, they just get more and more interesting and challenging for cats, and more handsome and accommodating to our living spaces. Scratching posts, I mean.  And now, I mean the Hicat Climbing System, the tallest indoor climber ever, and the one that comes closest to a tree house for a cat.

And don't let this deceptively simple sisal post fool you....


Hicat Climbing System: © HicatHicat Climbing System: © Hicat


There are hiding places in this scratching pole.


Stop-overs in the Hicat Climing System: © HicatStop-overs in the Hicat Climing System: © Hicat


 And, as the Climbing Systems are customized, you can have internal steps as well... whoopee!

Hicat with internal climbing: © HicatHicat with internal climbing: © Hicat

 Everything is customizable, even the colors of the pole and interior cubbies. Sometimes, I wish I was a kitty, but I'm just a Lady Bee         Check out the Hicat Climbing System at Hicat. (via

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That's the buzz for today!

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