Everybody loves GoPro cameras – well, everyone except a peeved African elephant who wasn't getting a kick out of being surreptitiously filmed.

Annoyed Elephant Kicks GoPro Camera To The Curb

Since elephants never forget, we wonder if a footloose and fancy free pachyderm at the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, southern Africa, recalled being harassed by paparazzi in the past. The tusker in question certainly wasn't shy about making his opinion on unwanted filming felt. Good thing GoPro cameras work remotely... well, unless you really hate paparazzi.


The footage was posted at Newsflare recently but actually dates from September 9th, 2015. “When this Elephant walked through camp I decided to attempt some up close footage,” explained poster Andrew Macdonald. “When he spotted my camera he could smell my scent and took his anger out with a good kick.” When pressed for a comment afterwards, the elephant reportedly said “Laces out, Dan... Laces out!”.


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