The last thing pet owners want to think about is their pet's death. Neither did Doreen Collins Vanacore and her husband Frank. But the sudden tragedy of their beloved dog Wally being killed by a hit-and-run driver inspired them to create a really meaningful memorial for Wally that gave them some solace.

Doreen wanted a unique and personal memorial for Wally, not just a ground plaque with a sillouette of a 'universal' dog. Frank, being in the construction business, was doing a contract job for a cemetery at the time of Wally's passing. It was there he got the idea for making a pet memorial that, like the monuments to humans in the cemetery, would acknowledge a pet's singularity, as well as the love of his family

With Doreen's contribution, Frank and his business partner, Fred, created the first Animorial, a miniture headstone with Wally's photo and a loving, personal note engraved on it. Beneath the headstone, Frank built a compartment for his pet's ashes.


 Animorials markers contain a compartment for pet ashes in the base.


Animorials are portable, should you move to another location. They can be used as grave markers or as memorial urns and kept inside or outside. They come in small (12” tall with a base of 6.5″ x 10″, weight 6 pounds) and large(18” tall with a base of 9.75″ x 15″, weight 13 pounds.) The size you choose does not have to relate to the size of your pet; there is plenty of room for pet ashes in both the small and large Animorials. 

Animorials won the 2019 Pet Independent Innovation Award in the Best Pet Keepsake & Memorial category! Made to look like granite, the Animorials are made of polypropylene resin, about the most resilient plastic you can buy. Pet photos and your own sentiments are etched on hybrid acrylic face plates.




Each Animorial is custom made. To start your order, you choose the size Animorial you want and then upload a photo of your pet, using the ‘Order Notes’ field to add your pet's name and memorial text (print is limited to 40 characters for readability). It takes about three weeks to complete each order. Shipping is free!

If you are not comfortable with this process, you can just order the Animorial by size, and the company will contact you to make sure you get what you want on the plaque. 

Animorials is a very accommodating company, so you can make personal contact if there is anything special you would like them to do, or you have specific questions.


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