Animals Of Sutherland Springs, Site Of Shooting Were Collateral Damage

The recent mass shooting in Sutherland Springs,Texas was a horrendous recurrence of a travesty that needs to be stopped in the U.S.. These atrocities are happening too often and the fatalities are mounting per event. In a small town where less than 400 people reside, the death toll was a shocking 14 percent of the population.


However, one other statistic that often goes under-reported is the number of animals affected by killings of this magnitude. While fortunately, the Sutherland Springs pets and livestock — did not incur any fatalities during this raid — they were collateral damage nonetheless. Those that perished were families where these pets and livestock resided.

What’s known . . .

The shooting at the First Baptist Church left 26 dead and 20 injured. Victims' ages range from 5 to 72, authorities said. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called the shooting in Sutherland Springs "atrocious."

The suspect, who fled by car into traffic was later found dead in his vehicle in Guadalupe County, according to the sheriff and the Department of Public Safety. It's unclear whether he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound or whether he was shot by the authorities, officials said at a news conference.

Protect the Animals

The first plea that initiated a need for the community animals [both pets and livestock] was called into the local country store and was addressed by the manager, Wayne Dietert.

According to the first report, the caller noted there were “a lot of animals out there that need some care.”

As this call and subsequent requests went viral on social media, Dietert began to secure food and feed for the chickens, goats, horses, dogs, the cats and ducks in his community. It was his belief that from “hoofed stock to the hens, all creatures great and small will not go hungry.”

Demonstrating the depth of concern, there was even support from the outside the community. "Somebody from Pennsylvania called and he wanted to put up a couple of thousand dollars for whatever they need," Dietert said.

Delivering to the needy . . .

The warehouse has already delivered one pallet of supplies and has enough donations on hand for the rest of the year. "I've been a resident of Texas all my life and whatever comes up, I see people jumping in to help,” Dietert said.

How can you help?

You can also donate online directly to the church here, via their website. Be aware, it has been overwhelmed by Internet traffic lately and may not load, in which case, here’s a link to a certified GoFundMe charity. This fund that is donating proceeds to the church and will be distributed appropriately to both animals and the families according to the level of need. Please consider giving and earmarking your donations for the pets and livestock, readers.

Primary Source: Protecting the Animals in Sutherland Springs