It can be tough to be a little kid getting used to all of the new sensations and emotions of life. Getting help from animals seems a lot safer than from adults. These helpful Feeling Friends Book Sets are just the thing to assist emotional development.

Unicorn and Hammerhead Shark
Unicorn and Hammerhead Shark

Five different animals and their storybooks help with:

-Conflict-resolution Shark helps them slow down and reassess when they get angry.
- Authenticity Unicorn teaches them to be true to themselves.
- Growth-mindset Narwhal builds independence by helping them tackle conflicts on their own.
- Slumber Sloth helps them relax before bedtime.
- Stress-relieving Alpaca teaches them how to manage daily anxieties.

Alpaca, Sloth, and Narwhal
Alpaca, Sloth, and Narwhal

These sets were created by two moms with backgrounds in family therapy and early childhood education. The books help parents and children to connect over the issues and work their way through them.

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