Wild and crazy DesignSkins from Bernina International give your staid and stolid sewing machine some animal magnetism.  

Animal Print Sewing Machine Skins Will Have You In Stitches

You can turn on your sewing machine so why not have your nifty knitter return the favor? DesignSkins® from Swiss-based sewing machine manufacturer Bernina International AG are adhesive stickers you can design online and have mailed to your home or workplace. At long last, one can transform their utilitarian stitcher into something wild!

We live in a day and age where custom smartphone skins are commonplace, so why not sewing machines? Arts & crafty creative types who give Bernina and other sewing machine & accessories companies TONS of business will eat this up – we'd be surprised if they didn't pressure the company to come up with the idea in the first place.

Animal Print Sewing Machine Skins Will Have You In Stitches

But we digress – let's assume you've just bought a Bernina sewing machine and, while it's undoubtedly a sleek & stylish expression of modern sewing technology, you know it could be so much more. Don't pine and sulk... get online and bring up the Bernina Japan website, Follow the detailed instructions and you'll be re-skinning your mechanical needler in no time at all!

Bernina offers a wide selection of stock patterns above and beyond the zebra hide and jaguar fur patterns shown here. Not “ME” enough”? No problem: use the Upload Image tool and you're one step closer to having your sewing machine look alarmingly like a big cat... or your cat. (images via Jonelle Patrick and Bernina Intl)

*** UPDATED! Originally published at InventorSpot