Walmart sells all sorts of pet foods and accessories but they don't actually sell actual pets, which might be why Walmart shoppers feel the need to bring their own. The nice folks at the People of Walmart website are against that idea, mind you, but they're more than happy to post pics of Walmart shoppers who can't bear being without their animal pals. Here are ten of the cutest critters ever to make it past the greeters.


Roo The Day

People Of Walmart's 8 Cutest Pets

Just guessin' here but we doubt Walmart carries Kangaroo Chow. That didn't stop one young lady from carrying her pet 'roo to her local Walmart and posing for a picture of the two of them. “Huh,” thinks the mellow marsupial, “who knew humans had pouches.”     


Overall, I'd Rather Be In Nebraska

People Of Walmart's 8 Cutest Pets

You can take the goat out of Nebraska but you can't take the Nebraska out of the goat. You can also take the goat to a Walmart in Nebraska but WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??         


These Prices Are Nuts!

People Of Walmart's 8 Cutest Pets

Sure, shopping at Walmart can tire out a body... even if your body's covered in fur like this sleepy squirrel. To be fair, the shampoo and conditioner section offers nothing for rodents, not that they need anything packaged to groom themselves properly. Who's the dumb animal now, hmm?             


Snout's Honor

People Of Walmart's 8 Cutest Pets

Pig in a blanket? This must be Texas, not to mention being at a Texas Walmart. We see this porker's proud owner has purchased a Dog Toys Stocking, presumably for the hairy li'l hog. Must be nice – and we hope their kids (and dog) aren't jealous.         


Rattin' Ya Out

People Of Walmart's 8 Cutest Pets

I'm in ur handbag, spendin' ur moneys... and where else but in Florida would one find a pet rat in a purse in a Walmart shopping cart? Obviously it's hiding from pythons and if you don't think snakes can be found at Walmart, well, you haven't been reading these articles.       


Ultra Violet

People Of Walmart's 8 Cutest Pets

They say people tend to buy pets that look like them, so consider this a match made in heaven... well, someone's idea of heaven anyway. The oddest thing about this photo (besides the obvious) is that is was taken at a Walmart in South Dakota.   


Boa Geste

People Of Walmart's 8 Cutest Pets

Lucky for that rat from Florida, this snake's from Texas and you do NOT want to mess with Texas. We speak the truth; the snake on the other hand (sorry) speaks with a forked tongue.   



People Of Walmart's 8 Cutest Pets

Here we are at a Walmart in Nebraska again... can we blame this on GMO corn or something? Then again, if the location was Georgia we'd be making a peach reference. We'll stick with corn or in this case, candy corn. Who doesn't love candy corn?             

Thanks and a tip of the cap to People of Walmart, the hard-working source of these too-real images you only WISH were 'shopped!