Whether you're selling a pet-related product, providing service to animals or just want to make people smile, securing space in a building that looks like an animal is the way to go. This collection of ten fun animal-shaped buildings will definitely appeal to the worldwide fraternity of animal-lovers, with the extra bonus of NO double secret probation.  



Die Katze Kindergarten, France


Remember when you hated going to school? If so, you most likely didn't attend the Die Katze Kindergarten in Karlsruhe, Germany. Or maybe you just weren't a cat person, or perhaps you're a mouse. (fun animal-shaped building image via Архитектура




Lagos Elephant House, Nigeria

You know that annoying neighbor who brings down your property values with his “tasteful” home improvements? This guy makes that guy look like Tim Allen on steroids. At least he lives in Lagos, Nigeria so you don't have to see his house nor answer his emails. (fun animal-shaped building image via Building.AM)




Kishi Station, Japan

When Tama, Japan's most famous stationmaster cat rocketed to worldwide fame in 2007 the powers that be at the Wakayama Electric Railway decided to give scruffy old Kishi Station in Kinokawa a suitable makeover... which means, it was remodeled to look like a cat's head. (fun animal-shaped building image via DadaBlog Seesaa)




Cat Island Cabins, Japan

Summer visitors to Tashirojima, Japan's “Island of Cats”, can stay in one of these ridiculously cute cat-shaped cabins and really, why wouldn't you? It's about the only time a guy can spend time in a cat-house with his spouse's approval. (fun animal-shaped building image via Tofugu)




The Sheep Building, New Zealand

Tirau Tourist Information building, Waikato NZ

The Tirau Tourist Information Centre in Waikato, New Zealand tells visitors pretty much everything they need to know before they even enter the painted corrugated sheet-metal building. (fun animal-shaped building image via KimEdoll)




The Sheepdog Building, New Zealand

Sheepdog Building, Tirau NZ

If it's true you can't get too much of good thing, then the city authorities in Tirau must think their giant sheep building is really, really good... or, they just ordered too much corrugated sheet-metal the first time and it was too much of a hassle to send it back. Another possible explanation is that this is the HQ of Mutt Cutts and the van's parked out back. (fun animal-shaped building image via Anita Gould




Elephant Tower, Thailand

Elephant Tower, Thailand

The Elephant Building in Bangkok, Thailand, regularly makes lists of the world's ugliest buildings owing to its odd three-legged design. Not even the natives want to stay there – the entire upper level is rumored to be unfinished. (fun animal-shaped building image via Axel Drainville




Heisei Animal Hospital, Japan

It's no fun going to the hospital but knowing your hospital looks like a huge cat has got to reduce the stress levels somewhat. The Heisei Animal Hospital is a perfect example of how to always look on the bright side of life whether you're a sick cat, dog, bird or python. (fun animal-shaped building image via Heisei Animal Hospital)  




Macau Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010

Macau is sort of a Portuguese-accented version of Hong Kong that's a bit less crowded... unless you're in one of the many magnificent casinos. So why was Macau's pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 designed in the shape of a rabbit? Because rabbits are lucky... at least their feet are, and most rabbits have four of them! (fun animal-shaped building image via Lucia Wang) 




Black Cat Building, Japan

Animal houses don't have to be weird, wacky, impractical or eyesores as this creative construct in Tokyo illustrates. Who wouldn't be pleasantly surprised to round the corner and come across this big black cat? Everyone, that's who... well, everyone except dogs. (fun animal-shaped building image via K.Suzuki)


Originally published November 2012 and updated May 2015.