A boat-hating beaver from northern Germany isn't very 'poplar' with river travelers since the lumbering rodent felled a 65-ft tall tree onto a couple's motor yacht.

Angry Beaver Fells Tree Onto Passing Yacht

River police in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern don't get much excitement in the course of their duties. That suddenly changed on October 18th when an emergency call came in from a couple cruising down the Müritz-Elbe waterway on their 32-ft long yacht. That is to say, they HAD been cruising... until a huge poplar tree crashed down onto their craft.

When officers of the Landeswasserschutzpolizeiamt (State Water Protection Police Office) arrived at the scene, on the waterway between Lübz and Bobzin, they first determined  the couple was safe, having been below deck at the time of the incident. Further investigation revealed the cause of the accident: a beaver had gnawed through the base of the 15”-wide tree, topping it right on top of the boat!

Angry Beaver Fells Tree Onto Passing Yacht

Beavers were once common in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a state famed for its many lakes and wetlands. By the beginning of the 20th century, however, their once-vast population had been reduced to just over 1,000. Post-war conservation and habitat rehabilitation programs have helped the Eurasian Beaver rebound to roughly 330,000 today... one of which, at least, appears to want revenge for past persecution.

In any case, this is one beaver “tale” that ends well. “Fortunately, only property damage arose,” quoting from a statement by the Landeswasserschutzpolizeiamt. “Heavy equipment freed the boat and disposed of the tree. The beaver escaped undetected.” We're sure it did, likely muttering “Dam those humans!”