Shoppers in multiple states are getting the shock of their lives after discovering live black widow spiders nestled inside bags of grapes. My advice? Eat a bag of Skittles instead, and save yourself the risk of being killed by an arachnid. If it makes you feel better, a fifth of the Skittles are grape flavored!

So far, people with a craving for red grapes have received the “buy one bag of grapes, get one toxic spider free” deal have been confirmed from grocery stores in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. Unfortunately, they like to spin their webs in grape vineyards, and due to their dark coloration and the scaling back of pesticides in the 1990’s, the deadly spiders occasionally end up along with their webby home amongst the grapes in your produce bag. A bit of good news is that so far no one has been bitten by a “red grape black widow,” and that any grocery chain that encounters one of these stowaways takes swift action by disposing of the remaining grapes in the store and compensating unlucky buyers.

Black widow spiders are the most dangerous spiders in North America, and if untreated, a single venomous bite can easily kill an elderly person or a small child. Females are easily recognized as black spiders with a distinctive red hourglass on its abdomen, and they have a very large range that stretches from Florida to the Northeast, and as far west as Nevada.  

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