Winter travel in Colorado can often be difficult, especially when you are trying to drive one of the mountain passes. Last Saturday morning a family was involved in a terrible crash on Vail Pass. Emergency responders came to the rescue and took the family to the hospital. It was only then that they learned that they had left one family member behind at the scene -- Turtle, the family's pet turtle.

Turtle the Turtle
Turtle the Turtle

Image via Eagle County Paramedic Services

The youngest member of the family was beside himself with worry over the missing reptile. The team from the Vail Fire Department returned to the scene of the crash and searched the wreckage. They found Turtle but by that time the hapless creature seemed to have frozen solid. These are people not prone to give up on a rescue easily so they set the little critter in the sun and within half an hour it came back to life. No longer a turtle-cicle, Turtle was returned to his greatly relieved owner shortly thereafter.

It is so reassuring to know that first responders in Eagle County always get their turtle.

Source: 9News