A resourceful pet-owner transformed a used clear plastic beverage bottle into a muzzle to prevent her cat from biting while she clipped its nails.

Cat Nail-Clipping Face Mask Muzzle

Clipping your cat's nails just got easier thanks to this one weird trick conjured up by a cat-owning mom from Taiwan. If the patent she's applied for is approved, the regular nail clipping recommended by the ASPCA (and NOT to be confused with declawing) could become a considerably less anxious chore.  

“Genius is like my mother!,” exclaimed contributor Yvonne Nguyen of Taipei, Taiwan. “Homemade cat masks help cats cut their nails,” she added, at the Breaking News Commune's account at Facebook. Actually, the mask helps the clipper cut the clippee's nails by curtailing the kitteh from chomping on the clipper-wielder. Get it? You can't... at least, not yet.  

Cat Nail-Clipping Face Mask Muzzle

Nguyen's post at Facebook went viral, garnering roughly 20,000 likes from so-called “cat slaves” - presumably cat-owners – who were “stunned” that the mask might be patented and put into mass production. While the concept of a trimmed clear plastic bottle (no cap, obviously) held on with an elastic band seems relatively straightforward, there appears to be no dedicated product made and marketed to cat-owners.

“Not only does it not take up space on the face, it will not make the cat feel uncomfortable or suffocated,” according to Nguyen. “After wearing a mask, the cat become super-comfortable and (she) cut their nails obediently.” Seems legit but pardon us if we remain a tad skeptical for now. To paraphrase: don't claw us, we'll claw you. (via China Times, Sohu.com, and KK News