pet supplies


The pet industry has become a billion-dollar market for purveyors of pet merchandise. As it steadily rises, so do the prices attached to it. That’s because it’s no secret that more and more people are willing to drop the kind of money on their pets as they are on themselves and their own family. But most of us do look upon pets as being a part of our families. While we may not mind parting with the cash, we’d still like to find a good deal when it’s available. Well, there are alternatives . . .

Tractor Supply Co.

Unless you live in the heart of a metropolis where cabs are more common than privately owned sedans, you’ve probably got a Tractor Supply Co. (TSC) fairly close by. If you’ve never been to one before and you own pets, you owe it to your wallet to stop in and check out what they have to offer. From pet foods and grooming products to veterinary supplies and cages, these stores carry all of the basics you’ll need for critters like dogs, horses, rabbits and other small pets that require pens, salt-licks and shredded bedding.

TSC also offers PetVet, which provides high value wellness and preventative veterinary care through community clinics hosted at their local stores. You’ll find vaccines for dogs and cats, pet microchipping, standard blood and fecal testing, prescription flea and tick control, de-worming, and heartworm prevention at every one of their walk-in clinics.


alternatives to traditional pet supply stores

Feed Stores

Local feed stores are one of the best kept secrets for finding deals on pet supplies. Many people just associate them with farm animals, but most carry products for domestic pets as well. The nice thing about them, besides the prices, is that the majority of their staff is well versed in basic animal care. They can help you with measurements for dosage by weight, and they even carry things like syringes for oral and subdermal applications. A lot of people get their worming supplies there, too.

So, the next time you’re thinking of surfing the net for pet supplies, consider visiting your local Tractor Supply or feed store for some really great deals.