You just learned you have company coming in 10 minutes. Cat hair... all over the living room sofa.  Now, where are those... Pet Hair Removal Brush Gloves?


Pet Hair Removal Gloves

Pet Hair Removal Brush Gloves


Whether you have a cat or dog, if they shed you need these gloves! My cat can just run through a room, and never stop anywhere in the room, and there will be new cat hair on the furniture the next day - always the day just after I've vacuumed. My friend gave me a pair of the Pet Hair Removal Brush Gloves  because I always complained about cat hair in my house. These gloves have saved me so much time!

The gloves not only pick up pet hair, but your own hair, as well as lint, from fabric. Just put them on and sweep the fur from any upholstery or clothing fabric that offers contact friction. They will pick up hair better from cloth than leather, for example. If you have a short-haired dog who sheds, like a rat terrier or a pug, for example, you can use the Pet Hair Removal Gloves as a deshedding tool!


Pet Hair Removal Brush Gloves

Pet Hair Removal Brush Gloves


There is a right and left handed pair of Pet Hair Removal Gloves. They come in one size only, but the material on the back of the hand is flexible so they adjust to your hand size. The Gloves are machine washable, but I prefer to wash mine by hand.

The Pet Hair Removal Brush Gloves have a 5-star rating on Amazon.


Now I've never used the Chom-Chom Roller, which has a lot more customers and is an Amazon's Choice product, but for the money, I like the Gloves.


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Lady Bee


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