An escaped alpaca who thought dark shades might help him elude his pursuers was found inside an optician's shop, casually browsing the eyewear displays.

Protip: when on the run from a farm, rock some shades to look inconspicuous. Also, put on some clothes, ya filthy animal! This advice does not apply if you actually ARE an animal, however, and that's what led to one adventurous alpaca's escape plan unraveling like a coat made from... well, you know.

The town of Hennebont (pop.: approximately 14,000) in Brittany, northwestern France, hosted an unusually hirsute visitor the other day. No, this isn't one of those “an alpaca walks into a bar...” jokes and rightly so, because THIS particular alpaca walked into an optician and the only glasses he appeared interested in were those lining the walls of the shop.

Investigators called to the scene were initially flummoxed. How did a creature native to the windswept plateaus of South America's Andes Mountains end up in a French seaside town? One clue was the shaggy, brunette-coated ruminant's calm disposition, noted by stunned passersby as it wandered down the town's main street.

Indeed, as it turned out, the buff beast was an escapee from a nearby farm. While making its way down the road, it's presence triggered a set of motion-sensitive doors at an optician shop. In walked the alpaca, no doubt enticed by the shop's warm shelter and the many shiny spectacles and mirrors within. The fur-bearin' critter's excellent eyewear adventure ended as quickly as it began when security officers gave it a lift – literally – back to its home at the farm. (via China Plus, photos via VCG)