"All American Pet Photo Day" Is Yet Another National Event To Celebrate Your Favorite Pet

This year the "All American Pet Photo Day" was just celebrated. That is an auspicious day that American pet owners are asked to share their favorite pet photos. Did you miss it? For some quick descriptors, just search the hashtag #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay on all your favorite social networks.

What is the event . . .  

Always observed on July 11,  National All American Pet Photo Day does not discriminate as to which pets we photo bomb on social media. From dogs to cats to squirrels and birds, all are celebrated! This self-described event is the day we show our passion for our domesticated friends and share them with the world.

According to the "National Day Calendar," "whether they are four-legged furry kind or come from the more serpentine species, click away. Fishes and birds, pigs and equine, canine and feline should all get in line for their favorite pose . . . on All American Pet Photo Day, every pet gets included."

How to celebrate National All American Pet Photo Day:

  •     Dress up your pet and take them to a fun location to get that photo shoot they’ve always wanted!
  •     If you have several pets, and they happen to be good friends, put them together and click away!
  •     Get together with some friends at the park or at a house and have a few laughs as you arrange your pets for that perfect picture.
  •     Make sure you share all of your marvelous pictures with those you know and those you don’t, using the hashtag #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay. Such a special event should be shared with the world.

National Day Calendar

If you missed this year's event, you can keep ahead of special holidays and acknowledged celebrations with the "National Day Wall Calendar." Here is the link to pre-order the 2020 National Day Wall Calendar [which will ship in October.] The 2020 copy is $19.99, and the 2019 is free, while supplies last.


National Day Calendar


Primary Source: National Pet Photo Day