Japan's take on the infamous Snuggie wearable blanket includes a comfy UFO cap and a glow-in-the-dark tape stripe for outdoor safety.      

Abducting UFO Wearable Blanket

The “Abducting UFO Wearable Blanket” was inspired by those wild folk tales (or are they?) of anal-probing aliens and weirdly mutilated cattle, because of course it was! But fear not: this surreal Snuggie keeps the wearer covered from head (if you wear the included UFO cap) to toe, ensuring vulnerable orifices securely stay where the stars don't shine.

The Abducting UFO Wearable Blanket is listed at Felissimo's YOU+MORE website and appears to be a serious fashion offering, though it would also make an awesome Halloween costume.

Abducting UFO Wearable Blanket

While certainly bizarre at first glance, the Abducting UFO Wearable Blanket reflects a clever design which, taken as a whole, makes perfect sense. The soft cap is covered in pearlescent fabric and sports portholes with a large central window for your face. The body of the suit hangs down from the shoulders and features a front & central “cone” of yellow light meant to represent an abducting tractor beam emitted by the UFO. Within the beam and presumably rising into the UFO are a house, an uprooted tree, and a cow.

Not in an abducting mood? No problem: a body-length zipper hides the beam, thus lulling unsuspecting houses, trees and cows into a false sense of security. This video from Felissimo shows the Abducting UFO Wearable Blanket in use... we agree, there's no better outfit one could wear to do vacuuming.  

Abducting UFO Wearable Blanket

Should you decide to hit the town wearing this spaced-out Snuggie (and really, why wouldn't you), rest easy knowing the manufacturer has incorporated a glow-in-the-dark ribbon into the cap to make you even more visible to neighbors, police and Men In Black.

When your housework is over and you're not expecting to frighten off preachy Mormons, newsboys collecting two dollars or the Avon lady, fold the whole kit & caboodle neatly into the hollow UFO cap. Be sure to arrange it so the cow shows through the cap's window as if it had just been abducted, mmkay? For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the Japanese language product page at Felissimo.