Yes, I am an unabashed fan of interactive toys, as long as pets are not
left alone while playing with them.  But play is just one aspect of the
Aikiou Interactive Dog Feeder, as its main purpose is to replace your
dog's feeding bowl and to provide your dog the opportunity for a healthy
relationship with food.  The Aikiou Company calls the feeder a 'food


Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl, a 'food activity center': © Aikiou CompanyAikiou Interactive Dog Bowl, a 'food activity center': © Aikiou Company


In the wild, dogs hunt for their food.  The Aikiou (pronounced IQ) food bowl provides a modified method for domesticated canines to hunt.  The bowl stimulates the canine hunting instinct and problem solving areas of its brain to acquire food.  By learning to spin the 'paw pad's' center wheel and push the levers of the 'paw toes,' your dog will not only have access to his food, but will receive rewards for his efforts!


Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl: © Aikiou CompanyAikiou Interactive Dog Bowl: © Aikiou Company


But there are other advantages of the Aikiou feeder.  For one, it slows down a dog's eating behavior.  The second biggest cause of premature death in dogs is Canine Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV), or bloat, which is caused by too much air entering the esophagus at once. A frequent cause of GDV is eating too fast. The Aikiou feeder naturally slows down your dog's eating by its portioned feeding.

Dogs who eat fast never seem to feel full.  But the slower they eat, the more fulfilling the activity of eating. and the slower the digestion.  This not only makes your dog feel fuller, but will help prevent digestive problems and eliminate some of the food searching behavior on your kitchen cabinets and in your garbage cans. Slower digestion also helps control weight, a serious issue for many food-motivated, fast eating dogs.

The Aikiou can be used for treats or even for hunting small toys. And for less mobile dogs, the Aikiou Feeder increases motivity, important for dogs who are recuperating from surgery or who are disabled by age or injury. 


Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl: © Aikiou CompanyAikiou Interactive Dog Bowl: © Aikiou Company


Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl, in pink or blue: © Aikiou CompanyAikiou Interactive Dog Bowl, in pink or blue: © Aikiou Company


And there are more practical advantages of the Aikiou bowl.  It is well built with durable, food safety plastic, and has an anti-slip base.  All sections can be removed and they are dishwasher safe.  And the bowl can hold up to 3.5 cups of food, which makes it perfect for dogs of any size.

Don't worry if your dog 'gets it;' you can get him a more difficult puzzle. This interactive feeder is not just about mental stimulation for your dog; it's about the physical wellbeing of your dog as well. 

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