A bizarre passive-aggressive sign in an Orlando park states the obvious even while it features a very obvious spelling mistake.

Aggressive Squirrels Unperturbed By Misspelled Warning Signs

The Orange County Parks and Recreation department has finally taken action after receiving five complaints about “aggressive squirrels” in just the past month alone. Their solution – warning signs – is a tad sketchy, however, for a number of reasons.

First off, squirrels can't read... let's get that one out of the way. Secondly, the text on the signs asks park-goers not to contact the squirrels. As if people in parks were in the habit of petting, poking or otherwise engaging mano-a-rodento with these wild and skittish critters. Sure, it's Florida, but still.

Aggressive Squirrels Unperturbed By Misspelled Warning Signs

The problem seems to have arisen because people feed the squirrels because they're cute. The squirrels, on the other hand, now look at people as food dispensers, making anyone walking with food in Shadow Bay Park fair game, so to speak. At press time, two children have been snack-attacked by the fearless furry freeloaders.

You'd think the signs would warn against feeding wild animals but nooo... instead there's a bemusing and confusing advisory stating “PLEASE AVIOD CONTACT WITH SQUIRRELS”. You read that right – they spelled “AVOID” wrong. Talk about compounding failure. Park workers are planning to install spell-corrected signs shortly. Who knows how much all this will cost but hey... they're your tax dollars at work. (via WOFL FOX 35)