goldendoodle puppy on Instagram
Abby & Olive           (image via @olivelenadoodle)


What's a new pet parent to do when the pitter patter of little paws arrives yet they've still got life to attend to? Well, if they're an ingenious problem solver they strap on a BabyBjörn and get to it, puppy in tow. That's what one creative Instagram user did when she found herself in the dilemma of whether to stay at home and care for the adorable goldendoodle she and her fiancé had recently brought home, or get on with life.

New Pet Owners

Abby Fleischman and her fiancé live in Chicago. The day after they got Olive, the latest addition to their family and their second goldendoodle, Abby's betrothed had to leave town for an extended period of time on business. Olive was only weeks old and not up to walking on a leash yet. Abby still had life to contend with outside of the home but didn't feel right about leaving the pup alone. That's when she got on the Internet looking for a solution.


After doing some searches on Amazon, Abby settled on a BabyBjörn as the best possible solution to her dilemma. “Since Olive was a brand-new puppy, I wasn’t going to leave her at home; she couldn’t walk on a leash yet, and she didn’t have any of her shots, which led to the search to find the perfect carrier,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. Once Olive was securely in place, Abby realized how darn cute she looked and started taking pictures of her new bundle of joy.

Instagram Celebrity

From there, Abby started an Instagram account for Olive and their other goldendoodle, Lena. It wasn't long before the fluffy golden duo had more than 24,000 followers clamoring to see what they were up to. While Olive was brought home in early October, she has already grown leaps and bounds, but she still seems content to ride in her BabyBjörn, oblivious to the sensation she's become.

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