End dog fighting, #gettough
Help end dog fighting by getting tough


If you love animals the thought of dog fighting makes you sick to your stomach. It is one of the most heinous forms of animal cruelty imaginable. But it isn’t just ordinary people who abhor this tragic behavior. A lot of famous people are sickened by it, also. Recently, a famous face most of you will recognize decided to do something about it. That person is none other than Sir Patrick Stewart, better known to millions of people as Star Trek’s Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise.

Dog Fighting

Sadly, dog fighting has not vanished into the netherworld where it belongs. It is still alive and well here in the U.S., even though we’ve been fighting the good fight against it for decades now. While the rest of us pet lovers will never be able to understand it, most of us don’t actually do anything about it. That included Stewart until not so long ago. A former believer in the negative pit bull stereotypes, the actor found his views changing after becoming a pet foster parent to a beautiful pit bull named Ginger.

Pet Foster Parenting

As it turns out, Sir Patrick and Ginger bonded instantly, giving him a whole new outlook on the breed — so much so, in fact, that he has teamed up with the ASCPA to try and stop the abdominal practice of fighting to the death like something out of a Roman gladiator pit. The effort is being called #GetTough, a project that hopes to put an end to the suffering of thousands of dogs that are forced to endure the savagery of this demented form of entertainment.

Breaking Stereotypes

Stewart and his wife, Sunny Ozell, found Ginger through Wags and Walks, a non-profit organization which helps dogs find new homes. The group does its very best to match animals with the people who are best suited for them, in order to avoid needless pet surrenders. It’s traumatizing enough for an animal to be surrendered once, much less multiple times. Since Ginger entered their lives Stewart has begun to see the world in a whole new light.

Gaining New Perspective

“I find that my relationship to the world and to the news every day in the papers and on the television has been changed by Ginger, because she has brought such a quality of patience and tolerance and fun into our lives, that it has, in a very short space of time, shifted my sense of where our world might be going,” the Shakespearean-trained actor told People magazine.

Getting Tough on Animal Cruelty

While Stewart and Ozell would love to adopt Ginger, the predominantly U.K.-based couple are unable to keep her due to his home country’s strict breed specific legislation (BSL) banning people from owning bully breeds. In the meantime, the couple is confident a stateside forever home can be found for her. “We know now without any doubt that Ginger will find a marvelous home and we have a list of people we know would love to have Ginger,” Stewart has been quoted as saying. “We know she is going to be safe, happy, content and having a great life.”

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If you’d like to keep up with the Stewart’s and track Ginger’s progress, you can follow events as they unfold on Patrick’s Instagram account, sirpatstew, where he’s been keeping the public apprised of Ginger and her obviously happy adjustment. Lastly, if you use social media try and make use of the GetTough hashtag every chance you get.