A 'serial offender' koala with a penchant for misadventure had to be rescued once again after getting its head stuck in a power station's metal fence.

Accident-Prone Koala Gets Head Stuck In Fence

Staff at Fauna Rescue SA and St Marys SA Power Networks were likely moaning “oh no, not again” when reports of a koala in distress were called in last Saturday morning, July 14th.

Sure enough, the sad-looking specimen stuck in a fence at the Happy Valley substation, located south of Adelaide, South Australia, had required their assistance before – and sported a yellow ear-tag to prove it. “He's been caught in yards with dogs before,” stated Fauna Rescue SA hotline operator Sally Selwood, “he just seems to find himself in poor situations.”

Accident-Prone Koala Gets Head Stuck In Fence

As miserable as the otherwise healthy adult marsupial appears to be, things could have ended up much worse – that stout metal fence is there for a reason. “It's certainly fortunate he didn't get into the substation,” confirmed Paul Roberts, Manager of Corporate Affairs at SA Power Networks. “If he climbed into the substation he would be under threat of a very serious injury or death.”

Though saved from an unfortunate fate this time around, Sally Selwood of Fauna Rescue SA has a feeling the cute critter's next misadventure is only a matter of time. Selwood opined that the koala “wasn't too bright” and could have easily dislodged his noggin from the fence slats just by sitting down. (via ABC News


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