Meet Fleur, a Romanian rescue dog that has been awarded the well-deserved Mirror's Animal Hero Rescue Award after beating a 1% chance of survival.

A Harrowing Tale Of Rescue

Dog catchers found Fleur, a Collie mix, wandering the streets of Bucharest, and she was subsequently sent to a shelter where she was spayed so poorly that not only was the surgical wound secured with common string, part of her intestines were hanging outside her body. A Border Collie rescue organization stepped in and got her the necessary surgery to repair her horribly botched operation. When Wendy and Andrew Morris saw her picture on their website, they decided instantly to give her a forever home. The animal charity flew the dog to the UK where she was adopted. (See:Chihuahua Mix Saves Owner From Oncoming Train.)


Brave Fleur
Photo: Artful Dog Studio


A mere three weeks later, Fleur's happy life with Wendy and her two other therapy rescue dogs was almost lost when she became gravely ill with a rotting bowel, for which vets gave her a 1% chance of survival. They opted for euthanasia, but Wendy couldn't give up on sweet Fleur. She went for a second opinion from specialists at the Royal Veterinary College in Potters Bar. An online appeal for funds was launched by Dogs Today among other charities, and enough money was raised for the complex and rare five-hour surgery she needed. After two weeks in intensive care, the dog made a full recovery.  (See: Bear The Koala Rescue Dog.)

Life As A Therapy Pet

Fleur has become what is known as a Pets-For-Therapy-Read 2 Dog. She travels with her owner to primary schools where she helps children read, gain confidence and communicate with each other. She also visits nursing homes where she brings warmth, comfort and joy to residents and serves as an ambassador for rescue dogs everywhere. (See: Shadow The Flying Therapy Dog.)

Wendy Morris was very grateful to everyone who was involved in giving Fleur another shot at life, and this sweet dog has been awarded a well-deserved Mirror's Animal Hero Rescue Award after beating all odds to survive. In her own words: "She is truly beautiful inside and out, and nursing her back to health was one of the more beautiful and unifying aspects of humanity. The willingness to go to great lengths to help Fleur showed how much people cared; it really was a miracle." (See: Brave Blind Dog Teaches Children To See.)


Fleur Relaxing
Photo: Animal Hero Awards

According to Vicky Lipscomb, Professor of Small Animal Surgery, who operated on Fleur: "I got to know Fleur when she was a patient at the RVC Small Animal Hospital. She was very sick, as her whole body and blood stream were infected. It is absolutely fantastic that she is being recognized with this award, given everything she has been through. She is a very special dog." (See: Abigail The Pit Bull.)

Fleur is a symbol of hope, inspiration and love.

 Kudos to you, girl, and the Morris family as well.

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Source: Dogs Today Magazine