Abigail the pit bull is a heroic example of bravery and the overcoming of seemingly insurmountable odds. She is using her now very public platform to teach forgiveness and bring awareness to the importance of ending dog fighting forever.

Abigail Had A Terrible Beginning

She was found as a stray wandering the streets of Miami,  anemic, infested with ticks and half of her face was missing with the skin ripped off down to her eardrum. Suffering from multiple infections, she was taken to a rescue center and was not expected to live. The poor dog was hospitalized for weeks, during which  time she had several major surgeries  and extensive skin grafts. (See: Lucca: A Dog For All Seasons.)


Abigail in Bonnet
Abigail In Bonnet

Her mission in life arose almost spontaneously, like a phoenix rises from the ashes. As the vet and vet tech changed her bloody bandages daily, they soon realized that the way they held the gauze on her head made the bandages resemble bonnets. In sweet solidarity, social media followers from all over the world started sending her bonnets. The Facebook page alone for Bonnets for Abigail boasts nearly 20,000 followers. (See: Dog Attacks Suicide Bomber.)


Leopard Bonnet for Abigail
Photo: Dorothy Edwards

Bonnets For Abigail Supports Dogs on Deployment

Despite her terrible injuries, Abigail is a heroine and a prime example of overcoming seemingly impossible odds. It was love  that pulled her through her suffering and pain and she is using her public persona to spread love as well. She teaches and brings awareness  to the horrible cruelty of dog fighting and the need to end it forever. (See: Blind Dog Teaches Children To See.)

Dogs on Deployment is a national organization that places dogs owned by US service members into caring homes while their owners are deployed. Helping hands and paws are the focus of this caring initiative and everyone involved in this worthwhile charity gets to network with other organizations that love and advocate for pets in many diverse ways. Sweet Abigail earned $2,500 when she won  the "emerging hero" category and an additional $5,000 when she also won the overall 2017 American Humane Award. (See: Military Dog Given Second Chance In Life.)

Other Heroes and Other Winners

Victoria Frazier rescued Abigail last year. She operates Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue. It was she who entered Abigail in this competition in which each of the seven finalists received $2,500 to be donated to one of the charity's partners. In this manner, more deserving animal heroes are nurtured. Each nominated dog is presented with a tribute video, which was shown at the awards ceremony. Although Abigail won first prize, the other dogs in their own way, were winners as well. (See: Frida The Rescue Dog.)

The gala event was broadcast nation-wide by the Hallmark Channel on October 26th. The program is part of of the Hallmark Channel's Pet Project, which is a cross-platform advocacy campaign designed to celebrate the joy and achievement animals bring to our lives.

Abigail's new owner, Megan Contreras, said: "It's amazing the mark she is making on the world. The trust she has in humans  after what she went through. She is just an inspiration."

So, here's to you, sweet  Abigail and your mission.

Go, girl!

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