Read all  about brave Abby, a Red Heeler dubbed the "wonder dog" that helped to rescue her mistress in dire distress after she fell down a steep cliff and was unable to summon help.

The Red Heeler Breed

The Red Heeler is an Australian cattle dog bred for herding cattle long distances over rough terrain They are a cross between native Dingoes, blue merle collies and other herding breeds.  A man named George Elliot created this noble amalgam and these dogs are known to be obedient, protective, loyal, brave and cautious. And Abby the wonder dog is no exception. (See: Sassy the Chihuahua.)

Abby To The Rescue

Abby Saved The Life of Her Mistress

The couple  was enjoying a two-week holiday on the Yorke Peninsula when they drove to Gleeson's Landing so Michael could do some fishing while Sue and Abby went for a walk. When her mistress, Sue Pethick, lost her footing and fell down a sandy embankment  at a beach camping  area and broke her ankle, two year-old Abby sprang into rescue mode and lost no time scrambling back up the steep cliff and racing back to the family campsite  to find her husband, Michael.

 "I called to her and she came running to me." I said: 'take me to Mum' and she turned around and headed   down the little track along the cliff face. She stopped and waited there for me to catch up. There, more than 10 feet down, was Sue lying on her back."

One Good Rescue Deserves Another

Rescue Arrives
Rescue Arrives

Michael Pethick contacted emergency services and rescue crews arrived on the scene where they carefully retrieved Sue and flew her to the Royal Adelaide Hospital  for treatment. He was full of gratitude for their loyal pup that they had rescued from a shelter in Victoria about a year ago. "She's certainly our little hero now," he said proudly. "Sue told me that Abby didn't want to leave her side, but when she told her to go find Dad, that's what the dog did...For her to come and try to find me was just amazing and then for her to take me to's really just one of those things you only read about." (See: Cat Takes Bullet Meant For Three-Year Old.)

Police Dubbed Abby A "Wonder Dog"

Abby was a beloved pet to begin with, but after rushing to action to save her mum,she is being showered with attention and love not only by her owners, but also by neighbors and friends. Sue Pelthick only learned of Abby's instrumental help in her rescue after the fact. She said on Facebook: "Loving our little girl even more. Thanks you, thank you, thank you, dear puppy girl."

Abby the wonder dog has many special treats waiting in the wings. One of them, a big bone, awaits defrosting as of this writing.

This is a well-deserved reward for a brave and loyal dog.

Good job, Abby!

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