Imperial Cat Scratching BoardImperial Cat Scratching Board

I have a couple of shapely cat scratchers in my room - one corregated cardboard scratcher is shaped like a couch, the other carpeted and sisaled, is shaped like a curly-q with an opening at the bottom and one at the top.  I was watching my cat chase Da Bird the other day as I was swinging Da Bird over both of the scratchers and his tall scratching post, when it occurred to me how multi-functional these scratchers were....

Not that my cat doesn't climb his tall scratching post to catch Da Bird, but the two shapely floor scratchers that I bought to maintain the integrity of my bedroom design, actually provide him with lots of ways he can have fun. It's the nooks and crannies, places to hide, contrast of materials and surfaces, and even the perching and resting places from which he can awake to stretch his claws....

Here is a variety of design integrity preserving scratchers that have cat fun, variety, and comfort in mind....  They all come with cat nip, as if your cat needs encouragement!


1. Dachshund Recycled Paper
Scratching Board


Dachshund Recycled Paper Scratching BoardDachshund Recycled Paper Scratching Board


Now here's a nice long lounge (23") , perfect for a nap, and what better cat enemy to erase with his claws but a little barking dog? Recycled and recyclable the Dachshund Paper Scratching Board can be purchased here.


2. Cat Scratching Play House


Cat Scratching Play HouseCat Scratching Play House


Oh boy!  A place to hide AND 4 scratching walls and even a scratcher floor! Kitty can go hunting through his doors and windows too.  The Cat Scratching Play House is cat heaven!


3.   Imperial Cat Giant Whale Scratching Board


Imperial Cat Scratching BoardImperial Cat Scratching Board


I'll say it's an Imperial Cat!  This Whale is 41.5 inches long!  A Giant Whale sleeper, with plenty of scratching surface and a big hiding place too. And yes, the turtle cut-out scratcher comes with it too!  Available at Wayfair.


4. Petstages Snuggle Scratch And Rest


Petstages Snuggle Scratch and RestPetstages Snuggle Scratch and Rest


With two surfaces to curl up, your cat will love this bowl-shaped sleeper/scratcher on both sides.  The Snuggle Scratch and Rest has a 15.25 inch diameter just right for a snuggle.


5. Imperial Cat Pyramid Recycled Paper Scratching Post


Imperial Cat Pyramid Scratching PostImperial Cat Pyramid Scratching Post


Anything that can be climbed and scratched from at least four surfaces is not just a scratching post, but the Imperial Cat Pyramid Scratching Post has a surprise in store for you and your cat.  You see the inside of the pyramid?  Sure your cat can hide there.... But the cat image that's been cut out of the pyramid also comes with the Pyramid Scratching Post, so your kitty gets an extra 'cat' to scratch.  And for your decor, you can choose among Peacock (shown above), Paisley, and Red Victorian. The Pyramid is available at


6. Petstages Soothing Cat Easy Life Hammock And Scratcher


Petstages Cat Hammock and ScratcherPetstages Cat Hammock and Scratcher


Can't you just picture your cat scratching the support legs of the Petstages Cat Hammock and Scratcher and taking a cat nap on the top half.  This reversible hammock also folds up when not in use! You may purchase this cool Cat Hammock and Scratcher at


7.  SCRATCH'M Big Fish Cat Scratcher


SCRATCH'M Big Fish Cat ScratcherSCRATCH'M Big Fish Cat Scratcher


The Big Fish Cat Scratcher is one of the best scratchers that double as a sleeper, as your cat gets to sleep un-exposed. So it's hide and sleep for her!  Adorable and multi-purpose! Available at

That's the buzz for today!


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