Tatuo Furry Mouse Spring Toys

Tatuo Furry Mouse Spring Toys


In the cat toy world of same-old same-old, here is something a bit different that may just keep your cat's attention longer than the old toys, or at least be made an interesting part of your cat's mix of toys.

A set of six spring toys with darling personalities just made for your cat's instinctive need to tease and swat, the Tatuo Furry Mouse Spring Toys are sure to please. 

Set-up is really easy.

Tatuo Furry Mouse Sprint Toys


Yes, the Furry Mice do come in a set of six, but the little mouse colors will be random, so it's possible you won't get to know them by name if there are duplicates.

You can rotate them or put a few in different places around your cat's play area, or set them up all together; your cat won't care what color they are. But stick them on a clean, hard surface - flat or perpendicular (on your cat's favorite window look-out).

Cleaning: Don't despair if one doesn't stick. Just clean the bottom surface of the suction piece with a wet cloth, clean the floor or table or window surface with the same, let them both dry thoroughly, and stick the Spring Toy down again.


Tatuo Furry Mouse Sprint Toys


The 6.89 inch tall spring easily bends all the way to the ground and the 2.36 inch base is enough to keep the toy steady. The Tatuo Furry Mouse Spring Toys have little jingle bells on their chins and the springs are light enough to be shaken by movement nearby, which can easily get kitty's attention.

Fun toys for your cats!


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