The 6 Coziest Self Heating Pet Beds & Mats

Milliard Thermal Cat Mat

Milliard Thermal Cat Mat


Do you worry about the possible danger of electrically heated pet beds or mats? I don't like having any electrical cords exposed in my house, but especially not around children and pets. Fortunately, the magic heat reflective material, most commonly known by the trade name Mylar, has finally made it to pet beds and mats, giving pets greater warmth and comfort without the possibility of creating danger in the process.

The thermo-reflective plastic film, developed in 1964 by the U.S. space program to provide temperature control for its rockets, has seen hundreds of applications in as many industries. It is made of a metalized film that reflects and holds temperatures at a steady level. It's used to keep cold things cold and warm things warm. It's been used in space blankets, thermal blankets, and first aid blankets. Because the material is thin and light, it weighs little and takes up little room. That's why it's perfect for pet beds.

Dogs and cats have a normal internal temperature somewhere around 100 - 102 degrees; ferrets and rabbits have slightly higher body temperatures. A self-heating pet bed or mat reaches your pet's body temperature and holds it while your pet is lying in it.  In a self-heating pet bed, the film is already embedded (sic) in the cushion.

A self-heated mat can be placed anywhere:

  • under a small cushion
  • on the floor
  • on a sofa
  • in a car
  • outside in a shelter
  • in a dog house
  • in a kennel
  • even on your bed!


Here are six of the self-heated pet beds and mats that have received the highest marks from pets and their owners.


1. Aspen Pets Self Warming Pet Beds


Aspen Pets Self Warming Pet Bed

Aspen Pets Self Warming Pillow Bed

Aspen Pets has a big selection of self-heating pet beds. The above is pillow bed style and is 27" by 36".  But the company makes round and rectangular beds in various sizes, which are nicely stuffed and very cozy looking. Their customer satisfaction ratings are very high and you'll see why when you watch this short video:



The pillow bed style as well as the rectangular and round styles of the Aspen Pets Self Warming Beds can be purchased here.


2.  K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Pet Beds

K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper

K & H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper

K&H is a popular brand of pet products and has incorporated self-warming pet beds into its repertoire.  The above Lounge Sleeper is a 16 x 20 inch bed for dogs and cats and it is nice and cushion-y.  That nice padding comes from recycled plastic bottles, so you'll be doing your bit for the environment with this choice.  The bed is anti-static and anti-slip and it contains two layers of reflective material to keep pups and kitties nice a warm. It comes in gray/blue, mocha/green, and sage/tan (above).

Another model, shown below, of the K&H self-warming beds is the Self-Warming Nuzzle Nest, an oval, tufted bed, that's 19 x 19 inches.


K&H Pet Products Self Warming Nuzzle Nest

K&H Pet Products Self Warming Nuzzle Nest

Both K&H beds are fully machine washable.


3. Milliard Thermal Cat Mat


Milliard Thermal Cat Mat

Milliard Thermal Cat Mat


Well, there's a beautiful cat on a beautiful mat - but, small dogs would do just fine on the Milliard Thermal Cat Mat.  It comes in 21 x 17 inches and 23 x 30 inches.  I like the way it's designed; it can be used on either side, and there's a nice loop to hang the mat when not in use. The opposite side is black fleece.  Inside, of course, is a nice layer of reflective warmth for your cat or dog.  This mat does crinkle when your pet moves on it, so maybe that's why it's called a Cat Mat!



4. Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Pet Bed


Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Pet Bed

Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Pet Bed


The Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Pet Bed comes in a set with two self-heated pet mats - maybe one is for sitting or maybe it's a pillow.  Anyway, the Pet Magasin is very well-liked. Inside the velvety mat is not just Mylar film, but a layer of fleece to make the bed warmer and softer. It looks to be a well-made set, with compartmental divisions so the fleece doesn't slide. The pillow rims assure product protection as well. The Pet Magasin mats are machine washable. The Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Pet Bed comes in two sizes: Smaller Sets (22" x 18.5" and 17" x 11") and Larger Sets (28.5" x 34.5" and 17" x 11"). It does not crinkle.


5. Easyology Thermal Pet Mat Crate Pad

Easyology Thermal Pet Mat Crate Pad

Easyology Thermal Pet Mat Crate Pad


The Easyology Thermal Pet Mat Crate Pad is very flexible in that the thermal pad inside can be removed when the weather warms up, so your pet can use the mat both summer and winter.  It comes in two sizes - large is 31.5" x 17.3" and jumbo is 39" x 21".  When fully open, you expose the bottom of the mat which has a no-skid fabric.

The Easyology comes in two versions - brown suede (above) and giraffe print (below).


Easyology Thermal Pet Mat Crate Pad

Easyology Thermal Pet Mat Crate Pad


Pets seem to like the Pet Mat better when it's doubled up and that's easy to do.  You can then rest the mat on a sofa, chair or perch for your cat - it's also terrific as a travel mat!


6. Purrfect Thermal Cat Mat


Purrfect Thermal Cat Mat

Purrfect Thermal Cat Mat


This mat is the perfect size, 22 x 1 x 19 inches, for a door threshold! It's the size of my cat's mat at the entrance of the garage door. He lies there when he wants to be away from everyone, and he meows and meows from there when he wants to come inside.  The pattern is nice it comes in brown leopard and gray leopard.  Like the Milliard Mat above, the Purrfect Thermal Cat Mat is black fleece and has a loop at one end for hanging up. It is machine washable and it crinkles, so make sure your cat likes crinkling before you buy it.


You know I kind of like the Easyology Thermal Pet Mat Crate Pad. I can share it with my cat.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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