While searching for great costumes for pets this Halloween, I ran across a download of a full-size Michael Vick mask.  With it was a recommendation that the "spooky" mask would make a simple Halloween costume when combined with a "bloody old jersey and a dog leash to accompany..."  Not a bad idea, I suppose.  But there are more ways that animal lovers, especially dog lovers, can use this down-loadable mask for Trick or Treat... Here are Lady Bee's 5 top picks.

(Updated September 6, 2009)


Number 6 Best Use For Michael Vick Masks: Attach Michael Vick Masks To Emails Addressed To Philadelphia Eagles' Sponsors



Demonstrate your concern about Michael Vick's appointment to the Philadelphia Eagles by boycotting all Eagles televised games --no matter who they are playing!  Boycott all Eagles corporate sponsors by not buying their products or services.  Taco Bell is a sponsor!  Taco Bell, that had that cute little Gidget advertising them for years!  What would Gidget have thought about her company sponsoring Michael Vick?


Gidget, the former mascot for Taco Bell, passed away 7/22/09 at age 15.Gidget, the former mascot for Taco Bell, passed away 7/22/09 at age 15.


As a "courtesy," notify the Philadelphia Eagle sponsors and the Eagles of your boycotts by dropping them an email with the Michael Vick mask attached.  Oh, and don't forget to email a mask to the broadcasters of the Eagle games. They'll get the picture!

Here's a good list of sponsors from For Your Entertainment and another one from PetSit USA.



Number 5 Best Use For Michael Vick Masks:  Paste Michael Vick Masks On Dog Catcher Trucks And Vans



Everyone knows that dogs can't read, and dog catchers use that knowledge to trick dogs so that they are unaware of a catcher's truck in the area.  Make dog catching fair.  Paste Michael Vick masks on the trucks and vans of dog catchers, so that dogs can make a run for it!




Number 4 Best Use For Michael Vick Mask:  Use The Mask As A Dart Board



Have a Darts Party on Halloween!  Costumed or not, your guests can celebrate the occasion with a few beers and a game of darts with the Vick mask as a target.  Winners should be given Michael Vick toys for their dogs to chew!  (You can purchase them from Amazon.com.)



Number 3 Best Use For Michael Vick Masks:  Print The Masks On Sticky Vinyl To Cover All Fire Hydrants




Dogs love to pee on fire hydrants, but they'll give the Michael Vick-covered fire hydrants their very best shots.  Cover all the fire hydrants in town, make a map of where they are, and send it to all the dog owners you know.  Have a contest to see how many hydrants the dogs hit!



Number 2 Best Use For Michael Vick Masks:  Make Michael Vick Masks Into Decals For Poison Bottles



Dogs just don't get the skull and crossbones images on bottles, but you can be sure that they know it's poison if Michael Vick's face is on the bottle. 


Number 1 Best Use For Michael Vick's Masks:  (drum-roll please!)  Stick Them On The Butts of All Philadelphia Eagles Players And LET THE DOGS OUT!




Got any ideas for more Michael Vick mask uses?  Share them with other dog lovers in the comment section below.

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