A cat-tastic promotion from Japan's Yamato Transport delivery service will reward 500 lucky users with a fluffy black blanket capped with a faux cat's face.

500 Hooded Cat Capes Up For Grabs In Transport Company Promotion

It's a blanket, it's a cape, it's... well, it's both, kind of. The Kuroneko and Mofumofu (“fluffy black cat”) blanket from Japan's Yamato Transport evokes the long-established delivery service's black mama cat mascot in a weird, gothic, pseudo-snuggie sort of way.

Up to 500 users will receive a hooded blanket during the promotion period that runs from November 13 through the end of 2018. Another 500 people wll be awarded a set of three metal miniature Yamato Transport trucks but hey... the neato black cat hoodie/snuggie thing is way cooler, amiright?

500 Hooded Cat Capes Up For Grabs In Transport Company Promotion

The promotion's rules are a tad convoluted but we'll give it a shot: install the Google Assistant application and Google Home's “Ok Google” voice search function on your Android smartphone. Use these features to connect to Yamato Transport and arrange a delivery, the benefit being that Yamato Transport can then provide real-time voice notification of your package's delivery status.

Once the recommended apps are installed, you'll be able to use your Kuroneko ID number to complete an entry to the prize lottery. If you're lucky, you'll be notified of your reward on February 19 of 2019. Keep your fingers crossed... and don't let any black cats cross your path in the meantime!