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Chinchillas can benefit from all of these must-have products


Maintaining a quality of life for our pets is important. Animals can undergo the same emotions we ourselves face as far as boredom, which can lead to listlessness and depression. A good way to avoid that is by providing them with a stimulating environment where they can safely satisfy their curiosity, expend energy and find enjoyment in their surroundings. Here is a list of five inexpensive items that can help to improve the quality of your pet chinchilla’s life.


Lava perch for chinchillas

1. Lava Ledge

The Interpet Limited Superpet Chinchilla Lava Ledge by Kaytee is said to be the perfect perch for climbing and jumping, which is a natural exercise for the adorable little fur balls, and chewing the pumice actually promotes cleaner, healthier teeth. Ranging in price from $5 - $7, it can easily be attached to wire hutches.


small dens for burrowing animals

2. Critter Space Pod

Chinchillas love to curl up in a ball and find a safe nook or cranny to do it in. Lixit has designed a product called the Critter Space Pod for just this purpose. Made from durable plastic, it’s easier to keep clean than traditional wooden dens constructed for burrowing pets, and it can be strung from the top of a cage or placed on the floor. Available in small and large, these Space Pods run between $8 - $15.


grass play balls for small pets

3. Grass Play Ball

Great for bunnies and chinchillas, woven grass balls for play are a huge hit with owners of these small pets due to their furry friends’ interest levels in them and how much fun they appear to have playing with them. Reviewers claim their pets derive hours of enjoyment gnawing, tossing and rolling it, and they only cost $4 - $5 a piece.


sand bath for chinchillas by Trixie

4. Sand Bath

Trixie makes a plastic sand bath that snaps apart for easy cleaning and a circular opening for minimal mess that chinchilla owners are raving about. These are a must have for claw and body care and sates the sand bath desire that makes for a smooth, healthy coat. Many purchasers of this product use them in conjunction with Oxbow POOF! Chinchilla Dust. They’re in the $13 price range and the dust runs about $8.


chinchilla enclosures
Collapsible pens by Jespet

5. Travel/Exercise Pen

Soft, collapsible playpens for pets are spot on for traveling with chinchillas. Octagon in design with nylon and mesh panels, they are breathable, easy to clean, water-resistant and a snap to set up. These could be a must-have item anytime you need to hit the road with your pet, once you arrive, but they would be invaluable in the case of an evacuation. Jespet, Esk, Parkland and Elite all manufacture these, and they range from $20 - $70.


soft-sided travel bags for pets
FAA approved small pet carrier comes in 2 sizes & 10 colors

Bonus Item: Soft-Sided Travel Bag

If travel with your chinchilla does become necessary, whether by car or air, Oxgord makes a good soft-sided travel bag or kennel that is advertised as being FAA airline approved. They come with removable fleece travel beds and feature access points that won’t allow escape, safety belt straps for securing them in vehicles and locking zippers they can’t Houdini their way out of. You can find them for approximately $15 - $20.


products for chinchillas

Any or all of these products make wonderful additions to the kind of chinchilla environment you'll want to provide for your pet while keeping safety and affordability in mind.

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