A good rule of thumb as the days start to heat up is that if you're hot, your dog is probably hotter!  When the dog days of summer hit, be sure to have some of these cooling products available for hot dogs.   

Kool Collar For Dogs

This Kool collar contains a pocket the length of the collar that can hold either ice cubes or a long thin frozen gel pack to keep your dog cool.  It works quite well, although the ice or gel pack must be changed relatively frequently as it melts or warms against your dog's neck. But it should last the perfect amount of time to wear to stay cool on a nice summer walk.

Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler Dog Coat

Yes, this cooler dog coat is designed for summer!  It traps water and uses evaporative cooling to cool your dog.  Although you soak it in water prior to use, the material traps the water so the coat feels only cool, not wet.  Evaporative cooling draws heat from the immediate environment (in this case, the dog's body) as the stored water evaporates.  Note that evaporative cooling works best when humidty is low, allowing for sufficient evaporation.  Look at my handsome boy looking exceptionally dapper wearing his Swamp Cooler!

Mr. Barksmith's Frozen Dog Smoothies

When it's hot, nothing hits the spot like a cool treat.  Mr. Barksmith's fruit smoothie's are a ready-to-freeze low calorie There are a variety of dog ice creams and yogurts available and are great for your dogs.  However, Mr. Barksmith's Smoothies have two ueseful advantages.  First, they come unfrozen and can be stored unfrozen and placed in the freezer just in time to use them.  Also, they have an available serving tray to hold the serving cup.  This makes it easier for your pup to eat, and also reduces the risk that your dog will eat cup along with his icy treat!  However, always supervise your dog eating such treats, or consider popping icy treats out of their container before feeding it to your dog.

Outward Hound Cool It Cooling Bandana

The Cool It bandana contains polymer crystals that absorb water to feel cool, allowing your dog to wear a cool pack around his neck.  Perfect for a warm summer day, and he'll look handsome too!

Canine Cooler Bed 

This cooler dog bed is
made to be filled with water, which, at room temperature of about 72
degrees feels quite cool against a dog's 102 degree body temperature. 
The water saturates a foam core, so the bed feels like a thick mat, not a
waterbed.  The cover is made of thick vinyl, which feels cool to the
touch even in warmer weather.

What techniques and products do you use to  help your pup stay cool?

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