Cats love to be warm.  They'll stretch out in a sunny spot and bathe in it all day, unless they happen to be moved to eat or play.  Unfortunately, especially in winter or in cooler climates, cats can't seem to get enough heat.  K&H Pet Products specializes in warmth for all pets; its kitty beds are not only warm, but designed with imagination.


 K&H Multiple Kitty Thermal CabinK&H Multiple Kitty Thermal Cabin


Many of the K&H beds for cats are self-warming, using thermal material, but some can also be plugged in, just like your electric blanket.  The electricity is low wattage, efficient, and safe for your cats. These electric beds are perfect for kitties that hang out in cold rooms or outside.  Most of the beds are fold-up, so little assembly is required and they can be stored easily.

 Here are five electric beds from the K&H collection


1.   K&H Multiple Cat Thermal Cat Beds

Pictured above, this kitty cabin folds into three unique shapes.  It has a removable 4 watt heating unit with a dual heat control.  Recommended for indoor use, the bed covers are washable.


2. K&H Outdoor Heated Cat Camper


K & H Outdoor Heated Kitty CamperK & H Outdoor Heated Kitty Camper


Isn't this adorable? This camper is great for outdoor cats or cats that sleep in non-heated areas like porches, sheds, or garages.  It has two doors for quick exits, if necessary, and the heating cord is chew resistant.  For more information visit the K&H Kitty Camper.


3.  K&H Outdoor Kitty House


K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty HouseK&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House


The Outdoor Kitty House is fashioned like a dog house and comes in heated and unheated versions.  Plus, the house is waterproof!  Two exits keep your cat safe from potential predators, the house is vinyl-backed nylon and comes with a fleecy Lectro Soft Outdoor Heated Kitty Bed that uses only 20 watts of electricity.


4.   K&H Thermal Cat Clubhouse


Clubhouse, heated cat cabinClubhouse, heated cat cabin


I love this cozy leopard and tan micro-suede and fleece K&H Kitty Clubhouse, and kitty will love it too, especially as she can rest on the roof, as well as indoors.  The walls of this house are sturdy plastic, and this design comes heated or non-heated.


5.   K&H Thermo Cat Cave


K&H Kitty Cave Cat BedK&H Kitty Cave Cat Bed

Great for covered shelters or indoors, the K&H Thermo Kitty Cave is stylish and cozy and uses an energy efficient 4 watt heater.  The plush leopard cushion removes for cleaning and is machine washable.  So cute and soooo warm!
K&H makes many highly-rated pet beds and other accommodations for pets and outdoor animals. Although I purchased one of the company's kitty beds, I am not affiliated with the company in any way.
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