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You want to just turn around and walk in the opposite direction, but your dog won't go with you. He's in a face-to-face confrontation with an oncoming off-leash dog....

If you try to drag your dog in the opposite direction, an aggressive dog, or even just a curious dog, will follow you. Since you don't know which kind of dog is coming towards you and your dog, the best idea is often to frighten the other dog so he will stop coming towards you.

My best suggestion is to carry a deterrent with you - not a stick or a cane, which will only aggravate an angry dog, but something that will surprise her, something that emits a startling sound or an annoying irritant. A bucket of water would work, but it's awkward to carry on a walk. A squirt of water from a small bottle won't work either because small bottles don't have sprayers with adequate pressure.

So, keeping in mind that you'll be pocketing this product, or perhaps attaching it to a belt or purse strap, I came up with these 5 well-reviewed dog deterrents which should be effective against low to moderately aggressive dogs.


1. Doggie Don't Device Sound Deterrent

Loud, high-pitched sounds, startle dogs and, if repeated or prolonged, they're even more irritating. But don't over-do it. It's the unexpected sound that stops a dog in his tracks.


Doggie Don't Device

Doggie Don't Device


The Doggie Don't Device was created as part of a training system to provide negative reinforcement to a dog's bad behaviors. But the Doggie Don't can also be used to frighten aggressive dogs away. Press the button on this lightweight hand-held device and a 100 decibel, high-pitched sound will be frightening enough to scare the offender away, or at least stop him in his tracks. One press should be enough; if not, try another.  Then, turn (or drag) your dog around and walk away. Try not to pick up your dog; that only makes him seem more vulnerable to an aggressor.


Doggie Don't Device

Doggie Don't Device


To keep your Doggie Don't Device handy, you can purchase its fitted pouch, the Doggie Don't Device Holster, a snug-fitting canvas pouch with a metal clip for your pocket or purse.


2. The Company of Animals Pet Corrector

The Company of Animals Pet Corrector


The Pet Corrector is the least offensive dog deterrent of all, but it can be used effectively if a dog is within just a few feet of your dog, trying to sniff her, for example. This deterrent emits a hissing sound like that made by a cat or snake. Used primarily for training, The Company of Animals Pet Corrector can also be used to surprise and deter an unwanted canine visitor. Make sure to spray away from an animal's face. The 50 ml can of Pet Corrector is good for approximately 50 sprays.

A Holster is also available for the 50 ml can seen above. You can attach the Holster to your belt loop, purse, or backpack.


3. PetSafe SprayShield® Animal Deterrent Spray with Belt Clip


​  SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray with Belt Clip

PetSafe SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray with Belt Clip


Though the SprayShield Deterrent Spray only contains one percent citronella, it's enough to deter even moderately aggressive dogs from moving toward you. It must be used within 10 feet of the offending dog to discourage her from approaching. You can spray sporadically or use one or two longer sprays. (The container holds 12 sprays.)

When not in use, don't forget to lock the sprayer.

The SprayShield Deterrent Spray comes with a belt clip attached, so it's always ready to go!


4. Halt! Dog Repellent


Halt! Dog Repellent

Halt! Dog Repellent


The Postman's favorite for more than 30 years, Halt! is also the most favored by people who don't do mail runs every day. Halt! may be more effective than the other methods of repellent because it is more irritating to dogs. When 'pepper spray' gets into their eyes and nose, it burns, which becomes a big distraction.

Although Halt! has a relatively low dosage of Capsaicin, you should take great care when using it. If you are not sure about the dog's intentions, for example, I would simply spray it into the air in front of the dog, and don't spray too much. Avoid spraying in a dog's eyes in any case; enough will get into his eyes just having it in the air around him.

A dog that gets Capsaicin in his eyes may have to be taken to a veterinarian to be treated; this could become an issue if you spray a dog that doesn't belong to you, so just spray enough to steer her away.

Halt! is effective up to 10 feet.


If there are dogs you know to be vicious in your neighborhood and they are unleashed, you should call the owner or animal control before any incidents occur. Even if a dog is leashed, she may present a problem to your pets, making them more prone to try to lunge at the other dog. A friend of mine actually calls the owner of a particularly aggressive dog to find out when the dog will be walked, so as not to walk her dogs at the same time. It's always better if you can avoid using deterrents on your neighbor's dog.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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