Dak-Pets Deshedding Tool

DakPets De-Shedding Tool For Cats & Dogs


There are breeds of dogs that don't shed and several breeds of cats that shed less than others, but if you've got one of the hundreds of lovable dog and cat breeds that shed, you can minimize it.

Depending on the breed of pet you have and where he spends most of his time (indoors or outdoors), dogs and cats tend to shed the most in the spring.  Some shed spring and fall; some shed more in the spring, but do shed all year round - like most cats.

How can you minimize shedding in your dog or cat? Here are the important steps:

Brushing & Bathing

The best way to minimize pet shedding is to brush your dogs, cats (and horses!) regularly. Brushing not only removes loose (dead) fur before it ends up all over your home, but it keeps their skin healthy, stimulating their natural oils and distributing the oils into their fur.  Of course, regular brushing should accompany regular bathing, and a review of these two recent blogs will give you lots of tips for the best bathing and grooming products for your pets:  10+ Best Pet Shampoos For Healthy Skin And Fur and 10+ Best Grooming Products For Your Dog.


TropiClean Detangler

TropiClean Detangler will help you to comb through your pet's fur and remove some of the loose fur.



A poor diet may increase shedding in pets. Make sure they get plenty of protein and don't purchase food with artificial ingredients or additives. Here you can find the top recommended foods for dogs and for cats in 2018.



Cat drinking from faucet



Adequate water is essential to a pet's internal organs and processes, but it is also imperative for your pet's healthy skin and fur.

  • Dogs should drink a half-ounce to one ounce per pound of their weight per day. So, if your dog is 45 pounds, she should be drinking between 22.5 and 45 ounces of water per day.
  • It is recommended that a cat drink 0.67 to 1 ounce per her pound of body weight. So, if your cat weighs 10 pounds, theoretically, he should drink from 6.7 ounces to 10 ounces of water per day, but the range of water includes not only the water your cat drinks, but what he eats, as there can be a lot of water in canned cat food.
  • Horses drink between 5 and 10 gallons of water a day; that is what is considered normal. A "normal" amount of water should consider the horse's weight and diet.


De-Shedding Tools

If the above steps don't achieve your goals, you need to purchase a de-shedding tool.

You cannot buy a bad de-shedding tool on Amazon; all of them have outstanding reviews. But I want to share three of those that I like a lot, the Dak-Pets Deshedding Tool, the lSleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool, and the Furminator Cat De-Shedding Tool.


1. Dak-Pets Deshedding Tool


Dak-Pets Deshedding Tool

Guess who's getting groomed!


DakPets is an excellent de-shedding tool for dogs and cats with thick fur. It is also a favorite among 10,000 plus other Amazon customers who have written reviews. The DekPets seems to be designed for the professional groomer because it's features makes it use so convenient.  See the features below:


DakPets De-Shedding Tool

DakPets De-Shedding Tool For Cats & Dogs


I like the way it feels in my hand, like I have a lot of control. And I also appreciate how easy it is to remove and clean the blades.  The best part of the DakPets De-Shedding Tool is that it only removes loose fur, not all of your pet's hair, and it's very gentle on the fur.


2. Furminator Short or Long Hair deShedding Tool for Cats

Furminator makes two versions of its cat de-shedding tool: one for short-haired cats (10 pounds or under) and one for long-haired cats, presumably larger than 10 pounds. I used the short-haired Furminator on my short haired 15 pound cat and it worked fine.


Furminator Short Or Long Haired Deshedder For Cats

Furminator Short or Long Hair deShedding Tool for Cats


Regardless of which Furminator you purchase, and whether for cats or dogs, the blades do the trick and very handily. You need to be careful, really when you use any de-shedder, that knots or matting be removed prior to using the Furminator. If you do not, you may pull the fur out from the roots. So brush and comb the fur thoroughly before using the de-shedder. (I use one side of a sharp scissors to remove mats in my dog's fur.)

I like the Furminator, but I feel like I have more control with the DakPets, above.


3. SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool


The SleekEZ is THE tool to use on short-short haired dogs and it's great for horses too. You just use it like a comb stroking it in the natural direction of the fur. Loose fur comes right out. I've used it on two dogs; one loves it, it makes the other ticklish! I have read about the reaction in other dogs; the SleekEZ has fantastic ratings from dogs, horses, and their owners, plus it comes with a lifetime guarantee!


SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool


The SleekEZ comes in three sizes: 2.5 inch, 5 inch and 10 inch.  The smallest can be used on most dogs up to 30 pounds; larger dogs can use the 5 inch SleekEZ.  The largest is normally used for horses.

You can also use these blades to remove pet hair from your furniture!


Shedding can be easily controlled if you follow the above measures frequently - perhaps 2 to 5 times a week, depending on the time of year and your pet's shedding behavior.

Make grooming a special time for you and your pet.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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