3D T-shirts featuring dogs and cats
Chocolate lab                     (image via Clothing Monster)


Apparel emblazoned with images of animals are everywhere. Sometimes they're framed with cute slogans like posters and other times they consume every inch of the fabric. But no matter how large the images or how bright and colorful they are, it's still just a flat depiction of an animal. Now, thanks to The Mountain, you can get Ts that leap from the material as if they're coming right at you.

Clothing Monster

A company called Clothing Monster is selling the super cool T-shirts that feature dogs, cats, wolves, birds, farm animals, aquatic life, reptiles and other creatures. They're American made of 100 percent preshrunk cotton dyed with non-toxic inks, so you're presumably getting a high-quality product. These shirts are so detailed and lifelike, you shouldn't be surprised if someone tries to reach out and pet you while you're wearing one.


You can get these realistic shirts depicting yellow, black or chocolate labs, boxers, German shepherds, pugs, border collies, chihuahuas, dachshunds, rottweilers and other breeds. Perfect for dog lovers, they'd make ideal gifts for just about any occasion, regardless of the age of the recipient. After all, if you love canines, who cares how old you are?


hairless cat t-shirts
How realistic is that?!                 (image via Clothing Monster)


From fur balls to hairless felines, The Mountain's got you covered. If you're wondering about sizing, don't sweat it. These 3D Ts come in sizes ranging from Kids S to 5XL, pretty much guaranteeing you can find one to fit. Because they are preshrunk, there's no real worry about only getting one wear out of them and then finding out they're doll sized once they come out of the dryer.

T-Shirts for Animal Lovers

If you're looking for something different in a T, then you've found it. Realism? Check. Unique? Check. Fun? Check. Conversation piece? Double check. Want to own one? Check out the link for Clothing Monster above.