This cool 3D modeled and 3D printed set of cat armor – with matching spiky helmet – adds the best features of armadillos and scorpions to your pet pussycat's formidable array of natural offensive/defensive weapons.

3D Printed Cat Armor Weaponizes Your Pet Pussycat

Mother Nature has endowed our feline friends with razor-sharp claws, flesh-shredding carnassial teeth, and the ability to cough up gross slimy hairballs on command. Impressive, no? Not to Jwall, a cat-owner with a knack for 3D modeling and far too much time on his hands.

3D Printed Cat Armor Weaponizes Your Pet Pussycat

Jwall (who acknowledges the assistance and patience of his ginger cat, Bobo) offers the cat-owning world a set of downloadable files for an impressive set of cat armor inspired by your darkest fantasies. Once printed, assembled and installed, your tiny tiger is sure to become the terror of the neighborhood and every dog's worst nightmare.

3D Printed Cat Armor Weaponizes Your Pet Pussycat

For further details and to download, visit the Thingiverse dedicated page and to watch Bobo model Jwall's awesome cat armor while prowling – on a leash, for the world's protection – just click here.


Cats need their necks covered, not their backs. Clever though!

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